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Co-Curricular Programs

TLI offers students several out-of-classroom experiences aimed at enhancing student leadership development and promoting practical leadership skills through experiential learning. These co-curricular programs are free and open to all students and provide opportunities to engage in leadership development and learning across a variety of different contexts including leadership events, conferences, workshops, trainings, mentorships and more.


Through participation in co-curricular programs, students:

  • Explore key leadership topics, theories and frameworks
  • Develop a deeper understanding of their personal values, leadership skills, strengths and goals
  • Enhance their practical leadership skills through interactive hands-on activities and dialogue
  • Network with prominent leaders in the field and make valuable connections with peers

Events and Programs

Leadership events are a key co-curricular feature of TLI and aim to promote student leadership development through a range of fun and stimulating experiences and engagements. TLI events offer students the opportunity to learn about key leadership constructs, hear from prominent local, national and international leaders, engage in valuable collaboration and dialogue, and practice new leadership skills. TLI has several signature events offered throughout the year ranging from our Student Leadership Summit conference to our Leadership Speakers Series and annual Taylor Talks.

Workshops and Trainings

TLI offers students and student groups the opportunity to participate in free leadership development workshops and trainings. These sessions blend both theory and practice and create a fun and engaging way to learn about leadership and its relevance and value for students while at UNF and beyond.


TLI offers two distinct mentoring experiences for UNF students, giving students the chance to be mentored, as well as to mentor others. The Leadership Mentor Program offers students the opportunity to connect with a leader in their field and receive real world, career-specific coaching that will help them succeed after graduation. The Collegiate Achievement Mentoring Program (C.A.M.P. Osprey) gives UNF students the chance to serve as a leadership mentor for K12 students, coaching them on valuable leadership skills and making a difference in the community. 

Living-Learning Community

The Leadership LLC is a collaboration between Housing and Residence Life and the Taylor Leadership Institute for students who are interested and motivated to develop their capacity as leaders. The LLC will complement classroom learning and will provide opportunities for experiential, hands-on application of key leadership concepts and skills. The LLC will provide a supportive network for students as they explore and discover their own unique leadership goals, style and identity, and learn the tools needed to be successful at UNF and beyond. For more information, visit