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Campus & Community Partners

The Taylor Leadership Institute is fortunate to partner with a multitude of diversely experienced and gifted faculty, campus colleagues and community members who share a common passion for leadership and an appreciation for the role leadership plays in the lives of our students. Our faculty, community, and UNF partners are the guiding force behind the delivery of our programs and are instrumental in supporting our vision. TLI also engages in several teaching, research, and service initiatives.

Teaching Faculty Line Up

We will be adding some dynamic leaders to our already amazing team of instructors including:

  • Yolanda Piazza, CEO, CITI FinTech, Citigroup
  • Candace Moody, Vice President Career Source, Northeast Florida
  • Pam Chally, Fmr. Provost & Fmr. Dean of the Brooks College of Health

C.A.M.P. Osprey & K-12 Partners

The Collegiate Achievement Mentoring Program (CAMP) partnered with more than ten K12 schools throughout Northeast Florida including Duval, Clay, Putnam, St.Johns, and Flagler counties. UNF students served as leadership mentors to over 300 students and hosted them on the UNF campus with engaging activities such as the ropes course, athletic training, and even classroom visits. Our goal is to enrich the leadership skills of our UNF students while helping these prospective Ospreys see UNF as an option for their college dreams. If you are interested in joining CAMP Osprey email:

Community & Service Partners

  • Ronald McDonald Partnership- A select group of TLI Leadership Minor students were selected to serves as Leadership Mentors to children and families at the Ronald McDonald House of Jacksonville. Highlights from this partnership can be seen here: https://youtube/4aMkPbjRHH8



  • UNF Athletics & Student Organizations- TLI, in partnership with the Student-Athlete Center for Excellence, has been conducting sessions for the S.A.I.L. Leadership Program for eight athletic teams and students groups on campus throughout the year. This unique athlete-focused initiative infuses the leadership skills of the UNF faculty, coaches and staff to retain, graduate and employ student athletes by equipping them with leadership skills, acumen and resources.


  • Brooks College of Health- Dr. Ohlson has designed and implemented a comprehensive leadership training program for Dean Lox and his leadership team at the Brooks College of Health.

Research: Publications & Presentations

TLI staff and faculty engage in innovative leadership research, sharing findings and best practices through publications and presentations at professional leadership conferences around the country.


  • Adams-Manning, A., Pascale, A., Croft, L. & Ohlson, M. (In Press) Individual and Organizational Culture Predictors of Voluntary Participation in Training and Development Activities among Student Affairs Professionals. College Student Affairs Journal.


  • Gibbs, L., M.(In Press) The Importance of Collaboration Among School/District Leaders and University Leaders When Forming Clinical Partnerships. Journal of Practitioner Research (USF).


  • Ohlson, M. A., Shope, S. C., & Johnson, J. D. (2020). The Rural RISE (Rural Initiatives Supporting Excellence). The Rural Educator, 41(1), 27-39.


  • Ohlson, M., & Buenaño, A. (2018). Leadership Mentoring: Best Practices for Creating College and Career Ready Leaders. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications.


  • Ohlson, M. (2019) Leading with Joy: The Cornerstones of Student and Employee Success and Happiness. Dubuque, IA. Kendall Hunt Publishing Company.


  • Pascale, A. B., & Ohlson, M. (2020). Gendered Meanings of Leadership: Developing Leadership Through Experiential Community-Based Mentoring in College. Journal of Experiential Education, 1053825920905122.


  • Ohlson, M., Ballard, J., Boyer, D. & Faulkner, J. (2020, March) Best Practices for Developing Career-Ready Leaders on Campus and in the Community. Workshop presentation at the Black, Brown & College Bound Summit. Tampa, FL. TLI Faculty & Students.


  • Ohlson, M., Pascale, A. & Gregg, E. (2020, June) Collegiate Achievement Mentoring Program as a Means for Student-Athlete Leadership and Engagement in the Classroom and the Community. Paper presentation at the International Conference on Sport & Society, The University of Granada, Granada, Spain (Accepted). TLI Faculty & Liaison.


  • Ohlson, M. & Stukes, K. (2020, March). The Collegiate Achievement Mentoring Program: K-20 Leadership Mentoring for the Next Generation of Leaders. Workshop presentation at the National Student Success Conference at the University of South Florida. Tampa, FL. TLI Faculty.

UNF Partners

  • Student Athlete Institute of Leadership (S.A.I.L.) - This program is for high profile student-athletes whose college journey is unlike any other student. The goal of this program is to support the athletes in their future career fields


  • Student Government - TLI hosts workshops that focus on leadership in the workplace for the Student Government employees.


  • Admissions Swoop Squad Leaders/Orientation Leaders - TLI works with Admissions by talking with incoming Freshman about the leadership minor. Also, TLI helps the Orientation leaders develop their leadership skills.


  • THRIVE cohorts - TLI works with THRIVE students to ensure that students have the opportunities to be successful within college, and life after college. One of our amazing leadership professors, Dr. Tara Rowe, co-founded THRIVE and is now the Director of the program.


  • PeaceCorp Prep - TLI works with the PeaceCorp by working with students to help them build their leadership skills so that they are prepared to work with leaders around the world.


  • Environmental Center- TLI works with the Environmental Center Leadership Program to help students improve their networking abilities and develop their networking skills. Introduction to Leadership is part of this program to help inform the students about the different types and styles of leadership.


  • Housing & Residence Life – Beginning this Fall, TLI will be partnering with Housing & Residence Life to offer an Leadership Living-Learning Community to help students develop their leadership skills and knowledge through experiential learning.

TLI Spotlights

Spotlighting just a few of our outstanding students and TLI partners!

headshot of Samantha

Student Spotlight

Samantha Powell is a graduating senior with a major in Psychology and a double minor in Leadership and Theater/Drama. She is a member of the International Honor Society in Psychology and UNF's Swoop Troupe Theatre Co.
headshot of Gaels

Student Spotlight

Gaels Ceneus is a senior with a major in Health Administration and minoring in Leadership. He enjoys going to the beach, playing soccer, spending time with friends, and taking on fruitful opportunities. 

headshot of Jacie

Student Spotlight

Jacie Ankrom is a sophomore with a major in Information Science and a double minor in Business Management and Leadership. She is looking to lead with purpose and passion.

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Leadership Faculty

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Community Partner

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K-12 Partner

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K-12 Partner

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UNF Partner

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UNF Partner

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