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Make A Payment 

Payments: An invoice will be sent to the group’s contact person for larger, major events. 

Payment schedule:  Final payment is due two weeks prior to the event date. Any additional expenses incurred on the day of the event will be billed to the client. The John A. Delaney Student Union accepts cash, checks and most major credit cards. All checks must be made out to the University of North Florida. A valid driver’s license will be requested for payment by check. Receipts may be made at the Delaney Student Union Event Services Office Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Payments are not accepted after normal business hours or on weekends. INSF checks will be subject to additional fees by the University. 

Click below to make a payment using your reservation number: 


Payments may also be sent through mail to:  
John A. Delaney Student Union 
University of North Florida 
1 UNF Drive 
Jacksonville, Florida 32224 

All payments received through the mail will be sent an email notice of receipt. 

If you have any questions or would life further assistance please feel free to stop by the Delaney Student Union Administration Office,
call, or email us directly. 

Delaney Student Union Reservations
Building 58 East, Room 1302

Phone: 904-620-1496
Fax: 904-620-1705
Cancellation Policy: The Event Services Office (ESO) within the Delaney Student Union Administration should be notified in writing of changes and cancellations to reservations no later than 48 hours in advance. Users may still be responsible for space and staff charges if the reservation is cancelled. Failure to cancel an event will result in a “No Show” recorded for on-campus organizations.

All ‘No Shows’ (events scheduled, but the sponsoring organization does not show or cancel the event) will be recorded. After each "No Show," the organization will receive a warning letter. A third “No Show” will result in the withdrawal of reservation privileges for the remainder of the semester. No shows for space that involves a custom setup or staffing may result in a charge.

If an Off-Campus User provides written notification of their cancelation or postponement of an event to the Event Services Office prior to 48 business hours of the event start time the room rental charge will be refunded, however, the departmental processing fee and any other additional charges and fees will not be refunded.

The ESO reserves the right to cancel reservations due to an emergency, a user’s failure to confirm or turn in required paperwork, or other unforeseen circumstances. The ESO reserves the right to reassign space to meet campus needs; however, such changes are made in collaboration with the users and only in extraordinary situations.”