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Preparing for College Life:  Your Health and Wellbeing are Priority One.


Welcome to Student Health Services (SHS) at the University of North Florida!  We are glad to have you here!

To make it simple, we condensed relevant health and wellness links to one page, allowing you easy access to information on different services offered by SHS and related organizations on campus.

Meet our staff and learn more about our offered services!




Everything you need to know when booking an appointment with SHS and what to do after-hours, on weekends/holiday, and when the university is closed. 


Excuse Note Policy

Health Insurance

Patient Portal

Patient Privacy

Patient Rights and Responsibilities


Women's Health

COVID-19, Immunizations, and Flu

Everything you need to know about COVID-19 reporting, testing, and vaccination, immunizations UNF requires, and the flu.

 COVID-19 Testing and Information / COVID-19 Student Guide

 COVID-19 Vaccines 




Study Abroad Health

Everything you need to know about going abroad or if you are an international student traveling to the United States. 


 International Students


 Study Abroad


Miscellaneous SHS

Everything you need to know about accessing your medical records and petitioning for medical withdrawal. 


 Medical Records

 Medical Withdrawal

Mental Health and Accessibility Services

Everything you need to know about mental health and accessibility resources offered by UNF and around the Jacksonville area. 


 Counseling Center

 Interfaith Center

 Local and Online Resources


 Supporting Our Students

 Student Accessibility Services


Recreation and Wellness  

Everything you need to know to obtain and maintain wellness. 


 Department of Recreation and Wellness

 Health Education

 Healthy Osprey

 Nutrition Services

 Paul Shirley Assessment Center




Everything you need to know about the different diversity initiatives around campus, from cultural clubs and organizations to the victim support system.


 Asian Students in Alliance

 Black Student Union

 Student Accessibility Services

 Intercultural Center for Peace

 Latin American Student Organization

 LGBTQ Center

 Student Alliance for Inclusion & Diversity

 Victim Advocacy Program

 Women’s Center

 Veteran's Resource Center

 Office of Equal Opportunity and Inclusion


Miscellaneous Resources 

Useful resources that everyone should know about.


 Career Services Center

 Dean of Students

 Office of Student Accountability & Resolution

 Student Ombuds

 UNF Police Department