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Health Insurance

UNF Student Health Insurance Enrollment

 Take advantage of the 2021-2022 STUDENT HEALTH INSURANCE POLICY!!


Enrollment for Spring Coverage (01/10/2022-05/15/2022) or Spring/Summer Coverage (01/10/2022-08/16/2022) begins on:

November 15, 2021.


To enroll in the UnitedHealthcare Student Resources Plan, please visit

For International Students Only (Students in F-1, F-2, J-1, or J-2 Status)

Please download and complete the required International Insurance Agreement Form.

International Student Insurance Agreement


If you decide to purchase an alternate insurance policy, please download and complete the International Student Health Insurance Compliance Form.

International Student Health Insurance Compliance Form


If you will be physically outside of the United States, please download and complete the International Student Insurance Waiver.

International Student Insurance Waiver


For details and pricing on the UnitedHealthcare Student Resources International Plan, please visit

Need Health Insurance Coverage? Free Healthcare Navigator Appointments

Get in touch with a Healthcare Navigator for free enrollment assistance to help you find an affordable plan that meets your needs.


Covering Florida Healthcare Navigator Program


Health Insurance Exchange and Marketplace: Get Started Today at


Health Insurance Exchange vs. UNF Student Insurance


HealthiestYou Telehealth Services Available by Phone/Video

  • Talk to a licensed doctor or therapist by phone or video. For more information, please click the following link: Healthiest You.
  • Free for students covered under the UnitedHealthcare Student Resources plan.