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Flu Season 2022-2023

Flu vaccines will be available at Student Health Services in the September-October timeframe and are FREE for students. Please check back soon for more details! To get your flu vaccine, call 904-620-2900 to make an appointment or self schedule online using the SHS Patient Portal. 


For details on the flu vaccine, please click the following: Flu Vaccine Information Statement.


Flu vaccines will be provided to students first.  Faculty and Staff are encouraged to seek vaccination through an off-campus pharmacy.


Please see the list below of popular sites offering flu shots. If using health insurance, please call ahead to verify that your insurance plan is accepted.

  1. Publix Pharmacy
  2. CVS Pharmacy
  3. Walgreens Pharmacy

If you are enrolled in a United Healthcare Student Resources (UHCSR) plan that you purchased based on your status as a UNF student, please see the list of Flu Shot Care Centers UHCSR that will accept your insurance.


For more information regarding the flu from the CDC, please see the following link, Flu Season.


For more information on flu prevention, please click the links below.

Flu Prevention 

CDC Flu Prevention 


Superheros arm, CDC logo and text  - its not too late to Fight Flu. Get a flu vaccine

 Flu Flyer