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 2018-2019 Lend-A-Wing Staff 

 Photos  Lend-A-Wing Staff 2018/2019

Lend-A-Wing Director: Allister Young 

Lend-A-Wing Assistant Director: Jacob Rigg
Jacob is a Senior majoring in Public Relations. He transferred to UNF after earning his A.A and A.S. degree in Digital Media from Eastern Florida State College. He has previously served in UNF's Student Government as Press Secretary (2017) and as a Lend-A-Wing Coordinator (2017-2018). Jacob enjoys debating, writing, practicing card magic, public speaking, building his ever growing collection of watches and decks of cards or watching movies.


When he's not volunteering with other SG Agencies or working, Jacob can be found napping, sleeping, lightly dozing, resting his eyes, relaxing in bed, nodding off, wandering aimlessly throughout campus, procrastinating editing video projects due months ago,or plotting to take over the world.

 Kea Schwarz Photo Lend-A-Green Coordinator: Kea Scwarz


Lend-A-Wing Graphic Design Coordinator: OPEN
 Please visit the Student Government Homepage to fill out an application. Responsibilities include but are not limited to

• Possesses an in-depth knowledge of Photoshop, InDesign and Microsoft products is a must. Experience using video editing programs and Illustrator is a plus,
• Creates graphics that can be sized for many mediums such as banners, badges, Facebook cover photos, road signs and A-frames for campaigns,
• Keeps an up-to-date photo archive,
• Creates flyers for events at least three weeks prior to the event,
• Other duties assigned by Director and Assistant Director.



Lend-A-Wing Communication Coordinator OPEN
Please visit the Student Government Homepage to fill out an application. Responsibilities include but are not limited to 

• Oversees and implements the marketing side of all events put on by Lend-A-Wing (LAW),
• Works with Event Coordinators to brainstorm and create a marketing plan for events,
• Maintains LAW website and social media accounts,
• Serves as primary contact for electronic communication to the student body,
• Serves as main photographer for events and marketing,
• Preserves LAW's history as the historian.


Lend-A-Wing Student Engagement Coordinator Jonathan "Ace" Psras
Ace is originally from Miami, but grew up in Lake Placid, a small town in Central Florida. He transferred from South Florida State College and is now a sophomore majoring in Advertising. He is a brother of Theta Chi and spends his free time being active in Greek life, playing guitar and eating.