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   Lend-A-Wing Online Ordering System  


Our goal is to serve you, and to serve you well. We've started this quick, on the fly online ordering system so that you can still get access to what you need in a rush. To place an order, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page. For order number, please include your first and last initial followed by the number 18 so that we know how to mark the bag as yours. (Example: JR18) Once you've placed your order, you'll need to come to the Pantry and show your Osprey1Card to pick it up.




Special items are not available in online orders but you can add to your order when you pick it up. 



You can include specific requests and we will do our best to accommodate.     


Below you can find our food categories. If you wish to place an online order, please include in the message of your order what categories you would like and the quantity of each. The limits per category can be found in the parentheses. 

Veggies (limit 4)

Soups (limit 4)

Snacks (limit 2)

Meals (limit 2)

Quick Fix (limit 2)

Breakfast (limit 2)     






Please fill out the form below. Separate multiple email addresses with a semicolon (;). For explanations of each section, please see below.

 * To:
 * Your Email Address:  
 * Order Number:  
* Subject:  Online Order 


To: Your email will be sent to so that we see your order and can process it as quickly as possible. Please note that we are not always near the computer, as we may be up helping other students, but we will always do our best to fulfill orders promptly.


Your Email Address: So that we can respond to you and let you know when your order is ready!




Order Number: This is the name that we will write on the bag. Please put your first and last initial followed by the number "18". Example: JR18




Message: This is where you will write what you would like in your bag. Categories can be found above, as well as the number of items you can select from each category listed in parentheses. Please write both the category and the quantity, and if you have any special requests, this is the place to include them.


If you are experiencing difficulty accessing information on the site due to a disability, visit our website accessibility page.