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There are currently 5 open Senate seats, click here: to get involved! Positions will be updated continuously.


The Legislative Branch of the University of North Florida's Student Government is responsible for serving the university's students in the Senate by passing legislation and resolutions on their behalf. The Legislative Branch is also responsible for representing the students in all national, state, local, and university-wide concerns as their elected representatives.

Alexander Chase Headshot

Senate Seat 1

Alexander Chase


Political Science Major

Appointed Fall 2018


Alexander Chase looks forward to helping the University become a place where every student can flourish through their unique abilities. In his free time, Chase enjoys painting, listening to music, and learning more about the world around him. Feel free to contact him with any questions or comments regarding UNF, he hopes to see you all around!

Carlita Washington Headshot

Senate Seat 2

Carlita Washington


International Business Major, Political Science Minor

Appointed Fall 2018


Carlita is a member of Model United Nations and Cogin Deegation member. She enjoys completing The New York Times crossword puzzles, watching the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and reading. Carlita is honored to serve the student body as a senator. She wants anyone to feel free to contact her with any questions, concerns, or suggestions!

George Faklis Headshot

Senate Seat 3

George Faklis


Finance Major

Appointed Fall 2017


George Faklis is currently a member of the class of 2021. Faklis serves on the Budget and Allocations Committee and enjoys hearing what different organizations are doing throughout the University through their Travel and Special Requests. He is from Tarpon Springs, Florida and graduated from Tarpon Springs High School, and was even selected by his Principal based on his character and academic success to give a speech at graduation. As Senator, George Faklis wants to strive to put the needs of all 16,000 students on campus at the top of his priorities.

Kristen Ballard Headshot

Senate Seat 4

Kristen Ballard


Political Science Major, International Business and Leadership Minor

Elected Fall 2018


Kristen Ballard was born and raised in Spring Hill FL but loves living in Duval! Ballard is a TA for the Hicks Honors College and the Vice President of the Model UN Club here on campus! She loves going to concerts, reading, and watching documentaries when not working! Kristen believes it is her job to serve all students and wants to encourage people to reach out if there is ever anything you want from UNF!

Riley Brown Headshot

Senate Seat 5

Riley Brown


Political Science Major, Business Management Minor

Elected Spring 2018


Riley became passionate about politics in his senior year of high school during the primaries before the 2016 presidential election. Eventually, Riley decided to focus his major on American political science. In his free time, Riley likes to listen to and create music and play video games with friends. Serving the students of UNF has been such a wonderful experience for Riley and he looks forward to the future where he can hopefully use the experiences he has gained to serve and represent an even greater number of amazing people.

Kayla Doughert Headshot

Senate Seat 6

Kayla Dougherty


Political Science Major

Elected Fall 2017


Kayla Dougherty plans on going to law school after she graduates. When she is not studying, Kayla is figure skating, drinking coffee, or eating a Hershey's chocolate almond bar. This is Kayla's third semester in Senate and so far, she loves representing the student body. Kayla can't wait to see what the rest of the school year has in store.

Michael Hurle Headshot

Senate Seat 7

Michael Hurley


Appointed Spring 2017

Emily Jefferies Headshot

Senate Seat 8

Emily Jeffries


Political Science Major, Environmental Studies and Anthropology Minor

Elected Fall 2018


Emily Jefferies became a senator with the goals of serving the student body and making UNF more environmentally friendly. She is also the president of the Roosevelt Institute and a member of Model United Nations. In her free time, Jefferies enjoys reading, hiking, playing video games, and going to music festivals.

Ryan See Headshot

Senate Seat 9

Ryan See


Political Science Major

Appointed Spring 2019


In Ryan's free time, he likes to hang out with friends, play ping pong even though he isn't good at it, and enjoy good food. See joined Student Government to represent to students of UNF and also gain insight about what government would actually be like. After undergrad, Ryan wants to go on to complete his masters degree and then enter the workforce as either a politician or working for the government.

Ellis Levine Headshot

Senate Seat 10

Ellis Levine


Computer Science Major, Entrepreneurship Minor

Elected Fall 2018


Although Ellis Levine's major involves more technology and less leadership, he has always had a passion for leadership and government throughout my life. Ellis is currently the President of the STEM LLC, where he helps plan events for the group to participate in. He is passionate about organizing and making change and he hopes to have a great first term as a senator.

Nikki MacPhee Headshot

Senate Seat 11

Nikki MacPhee


English Major

Elected Fall 2018


Nikki is from Vero Beach, Florida and is involved in the Hicks Honors College. As a senator, she wants to create a better experience for the current and future students of UNF by creating new traditions andpromoting school spirit.

placeholder 1 seal of the student senate - unf - animated florida with animated gavel

Senate Seat 12

Alexandrya Magee


Sociology and Philosophy Major

Elected Fall 2018


After undergrad, Alexandrya hopes to go to graduate school and continue on into her career working hands on with the community and the ones most in need.

placeholder 2 seal of the student senate - unf - animated florida with animated gavel

Senate Seat 13



Click here to learn more about how to serve your fellow ospreys!

Jesselyn Mobley Headshot

Senate Seat 14

Jesselyn Mobley


Political Science Major, Sociology Minor

Elected Fall 2018


One of things that drew Jesselyn Mobley to student government was her interest in how government works to solve problems. Mobley plans to pursue a career in human rights, focusing on women's issues and immigration issues. She has also founded and currently facilitates a peer-led discussion group at the UNF LGBT Resource Center. Overall, Jesselyn is passionate about fostering UNF's unique ability to help students reach their full potential. As a senator, she hopes to create a campus that serves the needs of students from all walks of life.

Matilda Phan Headshot

Senate Seat 15

Matilada Phan


Communications Major

Elected Fall 2018


This is Matilda Phan's first year as a senator. Besides her creative pursuits, such as music, she believes her passion for artistic mastery also helps foster her want to be involved and advocate for a unified community. In other words, just as art can serve as an inspiration for her, the student body inspires her to be creative as a leader. Phan joined senate to establish a more intimate student-school relationship and institute student involvement at higher rates.

Christopher Tasker Headshot

Senate Seat 16

Christopher Tasker


History Major, Biology Minor

Elected Fall 2018


Christopher Tasker has always been curious about the world around him, reflected in his diverse study of both history and biology. He has previously served the student body through volunteering for Osprey Cove Area Council and Student Conduct Board. He is also a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity. Tasker's passion for student involvement and campus life led him to become a Senator in Student Government.

Catherine Seline Headshot

Senate Seat 17

Catherine Selin


Coastal Environmental Science Major, International Studies Minor

Elected Fall 2018


Catherine Seline is a huge advocate for the environment and loves to be outdoors. She hopes to achieve a career that would allow her to be involved in international environmental or conservation management and hopes to gain experience in Student Government.

Kenneth Smith Headshot

Senate Seat 18

Kenneth Smith


Finance and International Business Major

Elected Fall 2018


Kenneth Smith, most people call him Kenny, is from Tallahassee, Florida. He is excited to be working on behalf of the students of UNF this coming year. Fly Hard.

placeholder 3 seal of the student senate - unf - animated florida with animated gavel

Senate Seat 19


Elected Fall 2018

Jennifer Vega Headshot

Senate Seat 20

Jennifer Vega


Public Health Major, Health Education Minor

Elected Fall 2018


Jennifer Vega is from Jacksonville. Vega is involved in intramural sports on campus and love to attend Osprey Production's Swoop Cinema events. In her spare time, Jennifer likes to bike at the beach, take pictures of her food for my blog, and hang out with her dog, Maggie. As a senator, she really wants to promote a happy and healthy student body!

placeholder 4 seal of the student senate - unf - animated florida with animated gavel

Senate Seat 21


Patrick Heal Headshot

Senate Seat 22

Patrick Healy


Political Science and International Studies Major

Elected Fall 2017


Patrick Healy thoroughly enjoys working for the government, but when he is not doing that, he enjoys eating, watching old vines, and not speaking to anyone.


Patrick is currently the Government Oversight Chair. Learn more about: the GO Chair.

Markos Kampourgolou Headshot

Senate Seat 23

Markos Kampouroglou


Business Management Major

Appointed Fall 2018


Markos Kampouroglou is from Tarpon Springs, Florida, where he attend East Lake High School. Kampouroglou has always had a passion for Student Government and is so eager to be serving as a Senator. He enjoys being involved in his school and community. Feel free to reach out to him for anything!

Griffin Gangwer Headshot

Senate Seat 24

Griffin Gangwer


Marine Biology Major

Appointed Fall 2018


Griffin Gangwer is from Lakeland, Florida, where he attended Santa Fe High School. When Gangwer is not representing the students at UNF or going to class, he can be found cooking, playing video games, or rock climbing.

Thompson Hinman Headshot

Senate Seat 25

Thompson Hinman


Criminal Justice Major, Political Science Minor

Appointed Fall 2018


Senator Thompson Hinman is from St. Augustine, FL and attended St. Joseph Academy, where he played football and baseball for all four years. His goals while serving the student body is to ensure student safety on campus while making sure every student has a voice. His goals for after graduation include serving in the U.S. Army National Guard and hopes to serve his hometown of St. Augustine, FL as a police officer. Thompson is the son of Bryan and Kimberly Hinman and has two younger brothers, Carter and Camden.

Kathryn Schneider Headshot

Senate Seat 26

Kathryn Schneider


Sociology and Political Science Major

Elected Spring 2018


Kathryn Schneider, often called Ally, is a native of Jacksonville and has loved her time at UNF so far. Schneider plans to pursue a PhD in sociology after she graduates. In her free time, she loves to read and spend time with friends at a variety of coffee shops around Jacksonville. Please feel free to reach out to Ally about any ideas or concerns you have regarding UNF.


Kathryn "Ally" Schneider is the USA Chair.

Thatcher Hart Headshot

Senate Seat 27

Thatcher Hart


Political Science Major

Appointed Fall 2018


Thatcher Hart grew up in Jupiter, Florida and graduated from Jupiter High School. Hart enjoys going to the beach, hanging out with friends, and learning new things. Thatcher is very passionate about Student Government and wants to hear from the students about how they think the University of North Florida can be a better place for all that attend it.

Marisa Materazzi Headshot

Senate Seat 28

Marisa Materazzi


Communications and Political Science Major

Appointed Fall 2018


Marisa is greatly enjoying her time here at UNF. She is participating in spinnaker, Student Government and the Hicks Honors College. She was born and raised in Jacksonville, but hopes to move to New York after college. A fun fact about Marisa is that she is a triplet! She loves to shop for clothes, travel, and most importantly drink coffee.

Valeria Fonseca Headshot

Senate Seat 29

Valerie Fonseca


Biology Major, Chemistry Minor

Appointed Fall 2018


Valerie Fonseca is a Jacksonville native, and she graduated from Stanton College Preparatory in 2018. When Valerie is not studying, in school, working her two jobs as a server, or working for Student Government, she enjoys watching The Office, talking to random people about random things, and reading. After graduating, Valerie hopes to attend medical school and become a Cardiothoracic surgeon.

Sonia Vargas Headshot

Senate Seat 30

Sonia Vargas


Anthropology Major

Appointed Summer 2017


Sonia Vargas is a Jacksonville native, and she graduated from Paxon School for Advanced Studies in 2017. She enjoys people watching in Ozprey Plaza, and Chinese food. Sonia is dedicated to serving the student body, and looks forward to being able to hear what the students want to see done at UNF this upcoming year.


Sonia is the Senate President Pro Tempore. Learn more about the Senate President Pro Tempore position and the legislative cabinet.

placeholder 5 seal of the student senate - unf - animated florida with animated gavel

Senate Seat 31


Hunter Clarke Headshot

Senate Seat 32

Hunter Clark



Biology and Biochemistry Major, Philosophy Minor

Appointed Fall 2018 


Hunter Clark plans on going to graduate school in the cellular biology field after graduating. This is his first year representing the student body, and he is excited to help make UNF a better place for its students. 

Karlee Gordon Headshot

Senate Seat 33

Karlee Gordon


Political Science and International Studies Major, Spanish and Creative Writing Minor

Elected Spring 2018


Karlee Gordon is in the Honors College and also works as a PASS Statistics Instructor for the Student Academic Success center on campus. Through her time in Senate, Karlee hopes to create a stronger, more unifying school spirit because everyone should be proud to be an Osprey. Gordon wants to use her time as a Senator to be a voice for all students, so that UNF's campus can be a safe place to live, learn and grow.

Camden Dean Headshot

Senate Seat 34

Camden Dean


Aerospace Engineering Major

Appointed Fall 2017


Camden Dean is from Orange Park, Florida but enjoys going to school in Jacksonville. In Camden's free time, he enjoys spending money but not having spent it and listening to podcasts. Through being a senator, Camden hopes to be a voice for the students at UNF.

Anthony Hall Headshot

Senate Seat 35

Anthony Hall


Psychology Major

Elected Spring 2018


Anthony Hall received his Associates degree form Valencia college, where he was a student leader and President of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Anthony plans on using the skills from his past to serve the student body here at UNF as a Senator. After graduating from UNF, Hall plans to seek a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology. While not in senate, Anthony enjoys listening to audiobooks, enjoying the company of friends and family, and listening to many different types of music.

placeholder 6 seal of the student senate - unf - animated florida with animated gavel

Senate Seat 36


Madison Otoole Headshot

Senate Seat 37

Madison O'toole


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Major

Elected Spring 2018


Madison O'Toole was born and raised in Pensacola, Florida, and decided to join the Hicks Honors College at UNF. Madison is currently assisting Dr. Aspinwall in a research project on mangrove trees, and enjoys baking and gardening in her free time. Madison hopes to go on to get her PhD in on of the biological sciences.

Thomas Pluchon Headshot

Senate Seat 38

Thomas Pluchon


Political Science & International Studies Major

Appointed Summer 2017


Thomas Pluchon was born in France and raised in Miami, Florida, where he attended and graduated from Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School in 2017. Thomas was originally appointed to the Senate in the summer of 2017, before being chosen as Senate President Pro Tempore in the Fall. After graduating from UNF, Thomas plans to pursue a career in either business or politics. In his spare time Thomas enjoys reading, going to the beach, and spending time with friends and family.


Thomas is currently the Senate President. Learn more about the Senate President position and the legislative cabinet.

Daniel James Headshot

Senate Seat 39

Daniel James


Political Science and Anthropology Major

Elected Spring 2018


Daniel James is a member of the Class of 2019. Originally from Clearwater, Florida, Daniel enjoys the little things like reading the newspaper, listening to the radio, and enjoying the outdoors. So far, Daniel's favorite aspect about being a part of the Senate has been the continuity of bringing various minds together for a single goal of forming what the UNF students wants and needs are. 


placeholder 7 seal of the student senate - unf - animated florida with animated gavel

Senate Seat 40