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Legislative Branch

Positions will be updated continuously. We currently have 3 Senate seats not yet filled within the Legislative Branch, please refer to the Student Government homepage for any relevant applications.


The Legislative Branch of the University of North Florida's Student Government is responsible for serving the university's students in the Senate by passing legislation and resolutions on their behalf. The Legislative Branch is also responsible for representing the students in all national, state, local, and university-wide concerns as their elected representatives.

Senate Seal 2x3

Senate President

Thatcher Hart


The Senate President is responsible for leading the Senate.



Senate Seal 2x3

Senate President Pro Tempore

Marisa Materazzi


The Senate President Pro-Tempore maintains all Senate and Committee records. They are responsible for leading the Constitution and Statutes Committee, which resolves conflicts concerning the Constitution and Statues, and the Senate Policies and Procedures.



Legislative Cabinet

Jorgia Wilson placeholder- seal of the student senate - unf - animated florida with animated gavel

Senate Secretary

Jorgia Wilson


The Senate Secretary takes minutes at Senate Meetings and Committee Meetings. The position is also responsible for maintaining the Legislative, Judicial, and Elections portions on the Student Government website. 


Jorgia Wilson is from Naples, Florida and is studying Psychology here at UNF. In the future, she hopes to become a Speech-Language Pathologist and work with special needs children. During her free time, she enjoys listening to music, snacking, and doing nothing. Jorgia is passionate about giving back to the students and is eager to see what the year holds. 

Markos Kampourglou

Budget & Allocations Chair

Markos Kampouroglou



Kristen Ballard

Government Oversight Chair

Kristen Ballard


The Government Oversight Committee is responsible for oversight in all intergovernmental affairs of Student Government. The GO Committee is responsible for vetting and forwarding candidates for Senate, as well as forwarding presidential appointments for the Executive Cabinet and Supreme Court.


Kayla Dougherty

University & Student Affairs Chair

Kayla Dougherty