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Legislative Branch

Positions will be updated continuously. 


The Legislative Branch of the University of North Florida's Student Government is responsible for serving the university's students in the Senate by passing legislation and resolutions on their behalf. The Legislative Branch is also responsible for representing the students in all national, state, local, and university-wide concerns as their elected representatives.

Rachel Saunders headshot

Senate President

Rachel Saunders


The Senate President is responsible for leading the Senate.


Rachel is currently serving as Senate President. She is originally from Tampa, FL and is a Junior here at UNF studying for a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She loves taking bike rides, listening to music and going to the beach! Student Government is very important to Rachel, she is always encouraging others to get involved and help advocate for the Student Body. "Senate is the voice of the Student Body and a great avenue to make change."

SaiRahul Kilambi headshot

Senate President Pro Tempore

SaiRahul Kilambi


The Senate President Pro-Tempore maintains all Senate and Committee records. They are responsible for leading the Rules and Oversight Committee, which is responsible for oversight in all intergovernmental affairs of Student Government. The Rules and Oversight Committee is responsible for vetting and forwarding candidates for Senate, as well as forwarding presidential appointments for the Executive Cabinet and Supreme Court. It also resolves conflicts concerning the Constitution and Statues and the Senate Policies and Procedures.


SaiRahul Kilambi, more commonly known as RK, is a senior here at UNF and set to graduate in Spring 2021. He's enjoyed UNF to the max. His hobbies include studying in the library, playing basketball, and hanging out with his friends because they are the brightest part of his life.

Legislative Cabinet

Jorgia Wilson placeholder- seal of the student senate - unf - animated florida with animated gavel

Senate Secretary

Victoria Trigona


The Senate Secretary takes minutes at Senate Meetings and Committee Meetings. The position is also responsible for maintaining the Legislative, Judicial, and Elections portions on the Student Government website. 


Victoria Trigona is a Sophomore majoring in Political Science with a concentration in Public Law, and minoring in Business Management. In the future, she hopes to attend law school and eventually enter the world of politics. During her free time, Victoria enjoys going to the beach, watching law and order and spending time with family and friends. Victoria is excited to be a part of the Legislative Cabinet and can't wait to see what the future holds.

Ellis Levine Headshot

Budget & Allocations Chair

Ellis Levine


The Budget and Allocations Committee (B&A) is responsible for allocating funds to organizations for Special and Travel Request. The committee is fiscally responsible and hears all requests unbiased. B&A also assists the Student Body Treasurer in creating a Budget Report of $5 million. 


Ellis is a Computer Science student with a minor in entrepreneurship in his Junior year at UNF. In his free time, Ellis enjoys making music, practicing programming, and gaming. He has been a proud member of the Budget and Allocations Committee for two years and is very excited to be chairing the committee this year. 

Jesse Huffman Headshot

University & Student Affairs Chair

Jesse Huffman


The University and Student Affairs Committee is responsible for acting as a liaison, connecting students, administration, and Student Government. The committee hosts four events a semester; including Osprey Voice, Roundtable, and Finals Frenzy. These events are designed to hear students concerns, engage students, and provide solutions.


Jesse Huffman is a Sophomore at UNF and attended Stanton College Preparatory in Jacksonville. He is excited to be representing his fellow students, and is focused on improving the on-campus life for everybody. He enjoys American politics (which he admits are not always enjoyable), acting, playing video games, and watching sports. After he graduates, he plans on going to law school.