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Fall 2016 





Bill Number Title  Vote Count 
Executive Action Final Action 
JR-16S-2960 Divest  13-0-10 Approved Approved 
JR-16F- 3034 Smoke Free Enforcement  27-0-5 Approved Approved
JR-16F-3063 Spring 2016 Amendment Of the Elections Policies and Procedures 5-0-0 Approved Approved
JR-16F-3070 In Support of the Counseling Center 32-0-1 Approved      Approved
SB-16F 3028 Fair and Free Counsel  22-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-16F- 3029  UWC Communication and Reporting     22-0-0   Approved Approved
SB-16F- 3032 Competitive Hiring and Transparent Practices Act 33-0-0 Approved Approved 

SB-16F- 3035     

The Transportation and Logistics Society 7-0-0 Approved


SB-16F-3036  Encumbrance Rollover  22-0-0 Approved Approved 
SB-16F- 3037    The Financial Planning Association 7-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-16F- 3038 Kalilah Jamall       7-0-0      Approved Approved
SB-16F- 3039 Lauren Mickler 7-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-16F- 3040  Student Homecoming  18-0-4 Approved Approved
SB-16F- 3041 Healthy Ospreys Club 5-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-16F- 3042  Club Alliance      19-0-3 Approved  Approved
SB-16F- 3043 Organic Project Club 6-0-1  Vetoed Vetoed
SB-16F- 3044 Cru 6-0-0 Approved Approved 
SB-16F- 3046 The UNF Men's Volleyball Team  6-0-0 Approved Approved 
SB-16F- 3047 The Deadbird Rugby Club 5-0-0 Approved  Approved 
SB-16F- 3048 The Marine Biology Club  6-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-16F- 3049 The Sculpture Guild  6-0-0 Vetoed Vetoed
SB-16F- 3050 SG- Tent Replacements 33-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-16F- 3051 Finance Investment Society  19-0-15 Approved  Approved 
SB-16F- 3052 The Student Nutrition and Dietetic Association 7-0-0        Approved       Approved
SB-16F- 3053 Mark Hudson 7-0-0 Approved Approved 
SB-16F-3054 Tiffany Salameh 7-0-0 Approved  Approved 
SB-16F- 3055  Joseph L. Alas 5-1-0     Approved Approved
SB-16F-3056 Fiscal Year 2016-2016 Year-end Encumbrances 30-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-16F-3057 Executive Cabinet Revisions 30-0-0 Approved     Approved
SB-16F- 3058      Society of Physics Students 6-0-0 Approved  Approved 
SB-16F-3061  Title II Amendments 29-0-1 Approved Approved
SB-16F-3062 Title V Revisions 34-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-16F-3065 Model United Nations  6-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-16F-3066 Validation of Fall 2016 General Elections 18-13-0 Approved Approved
SB-16F-3068 Student Union Ballrooms 24-0-7 Line-Item Vetoed Died in Senate
SB-16F-3069 Subsidized Printing 29-0-2 Approved Approved
SB-16F-3071 Title XIII Revisions Unanimous Consent Approved Approved
SB-16F-3072  Executive Branch - Renovation Consultant 30-0-4 Approved  Approved
SB-16F-3073 The Awakening 6-0-0 Approved Approved
SR-16F-3064 Supporting Cole Poppell on the Food Service Committee 30-0-0 N/A Approved
CR-16F-3045 Extending Judicial Responsibilities through Policies and Procedures 33-0-0 Approved Approved 


 * Travel request passed through Budget and Allocations Committees are signed by the President and if vetoed goes before the Senate.