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Legislative Bills    


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Summer 2018

Bill Number



Vote Count   


Executive Action

Final Action
JR-18SA-3295 2018-2019 Elections Policies and Procedures 2-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-18SA-3296 Transfiguration of Title VI Act 10-0-0    
SB-18SA-3297 UNF Bass Fishing Club Lake Cherokee      Withdrawn  Withdrawn Withdrawn
SB-18SA-3298 American Choral Directors Association 3-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-18SA-3299 UNF Bass Fishing Club Lake Chickamanga 3-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-18SA-3300 UNF Surf Team and Club 3-0-0 Approved Approved
OB-18SA-3301 Clarification of the Removal Process 11-0-0 Approved Approved
JR-18SA-3302 Resolution on the Coastal Biology Department's Presence on Old Skate Park Grounds Bill Died In Senate    
SB-18SA-3303 Title VIII Revisions      
SB-18SA-3304 Dance Marathon 10-1-0 Approved Approved
SB-18SA-3305 Transportation and Logistic Society  3-0-0 Approved Approved
SR-18SB-3306 Legislative Branch Policies and Procedures 10-0-0 N/A Approved
SB-18SB-3307 Delta Sigma Chi Student Planners 10-0-0 Approved Approved
SB-18SB-3305 Transportation and Logistic Society 3-0-0 Approved Approved

Past Legislation