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Create Your Own Bill

Purpose of a Bill:

Bills are used to make changes on campus. They brought you expansions to Eco Adventure, funding for Fest of All, and the Free Print Lab. The bills are up to the Senate whether to pass or not pass. YOU as a student can make any change you want, BUT the change must be made by you.

Types of Bills:
Types of Bills Definition Example Templates
Simple Resolution Simple Resolutions are an expression of the Senate or, are used to internally regulate the Senate Policies and Procedures. SR-18S-3268 SR Template
Senate Bill A Senate Bill is a piece of legislation that calls for an amendment to the Statutes. If you are wishing to submit a travel or special request for funding, please visit the Business and Accounting Office.
(Fiscal Request)
(Travel Request- The B&A Chair writes this bill)
SB Template
Joint Resolution Joint Resolutions are resolutions showing the expressed opinions of the entire Student Government (Executive and Legislative Branches). JR-17F-3214 JR Template
Constitutional Referendum A Constitutional referendum is a piece of legislation calling for an amendment to the Constitution. CR-17F-3255 CR Template
Omnibus Bill An Omnibus Bill is a piece of legislation that addresses multiple titles OB-16S-2944 OB Template

Did you know:

  • For more information on the steps your bill must take in order to become law, please follow this link: Process of Legislation.
  • Any UNF student can write a bill. In order for your bill to be heard and voted on in Senate, you must have a Senate Sponsor. If you are interested in having your own bill heard in Senate, contact the Senate President at :