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Judicial Decisions

 Below are Judicial Decisions made by the University of North Florida Judicial Branch. All of these decisions are final and public record. Please contact the Chief Justice, if you have any questions.


Spring 2021
Judicial Decision Number Title



JC-21F-004 Elections Violation Complaint  Withdrawn from Petitioner
JC-21F-006 Elections Violation Complaint No Merit
JD-21S-001 Elections Violation Complaint  In Violation; 4-0-0
JD-21S-002 Elections Violation Complaint  In Violation; 3-0-2
JD-21S-003 Elections Violation Complaint Not in Violation; Unanimous Consent
JD-21S-005 Elections Violation Complaint  Not in Violation; 4-0-0
JD-21S-010 Judicial Decision Discrepancy Found 
JR-21S-009 Judicial Review Withdrawn from Petitioner

To view readable PDF versions of these decisions, click here: Judicial Branch Documents.