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Judicial Branch

Positions will be updated continuously. There currently are Associate Justice positions that are not yet filled within the Judicial Branch, please refer to the Student Government homepage for any relevant applications and contact the current Chief Justice, Nicolas Vincenty, at with any questions.


The Student Government Judicial Branch consists of nine justices. Out of those nine, a Chief Justice is elected annually to preside over the Judicial Branch and a Deputy Chief Justice is selected to assist in leadership responsibilities. It is the duty of these persons to interpret the Student Government Constitution and Statutes. The Judicial Branch also settles disputes or complaints that students may have with Student Government, its agencies, and SG funded clubs. The Judicial Branch is the final say on issues of noncompliance, judicial complaint, or impeachment. Members gain important experience in the areas of due process and proper judicial procedure. They also represent the student body on the Academic Appeals Committee, Student Conduct, Parking Appeals Board, J-hold and Fee Appeal Committees.

Nicholas Vincenty Headshot

Chief Justice

Nicolas Vincenty

The Chief Justice is responsible for leading the Judicial Branch.

Nicolas Vincenty is a sophomore majoring in Political Science and History. He looks to attend law school to then focus on finance law. Nicolas is an Eagle Scout, which gave him the opportunity to create and implement policy. He is currently looking to attend the University of Florida for law school.

Devynne Duke Headshot

Deputy Chief Justice

Devynne Duke

Devynne is a Sophomore double majoring in International Studies and Political Science with a minor in Criminal Justice. She currently works full-time at a defense civil litigation firm in Jacksonville. After graduating university, Devynne hopes to attend law school. Devynne's interests include drawing, debating and keeping up with all things Star Wars related.  

Brian Heavren Headshot

Associate Justice

Brian Heavren Jr.

Brian Heavren Jr. is a Junior majoring in Marketing, with a minor in Finance. He is a part of the UNF Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), and hopes to commission as a Second Lieutenant Infantry Officer upon his graduation. Brian is also an Eagle Scout, which began his path of service to the community. He is passionate about running, reading, and enjoys the outdoors.

Christian Berens Headshot

Associate Justice

Christian Berens

Christian Berens is a Junior at UNF majoring in Political Science with a concentration in Public Law. He plans on becoming a Lawyer and eventually a Judge. Christian loves baseball and going on adventures with his fiancé.


Associate Justice

Brian Simmons

Brian is a 30+ year Jacksonville native majoring in Public Law and works in public service for the Nassau County BOCC while also taking classes at UNF.


After graduating, Brian is looking forward to attending law school, where he has multiple interest areas that he is passionate about. He lives with his wife and they enjoy cooking, reading, traveling, and spending as much time on the water as they can. A Rawlsian at heart, Brian brings to the Court a commitment to approaching every case with both curiosity and impartiality to ensure that decisions are both legal and just.

Antwain Marshall Headshot

Associate Justice

Antwain Marshall

Antwain Marshall is a sophomore majoring in finances. Invested in his dream of being an entrepreneur and achieving generational wealth, emphasize gaining knowledge and reaching the ideal version of himself. Antwain enjoys Football, One Piece, Aubrey, and Elder Scroll Online.

Judicial Seal

Associate Justice

Travis Ford 

Double majoring in Political Science and Economics, with plans on continuing education in law school, hoping one day to work in civil rights law at organizations such as the ACLU, potentially further becoming a Judge. 

Judicial Seal

Associate Justice


Judicial Seal

Associate Justice


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