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Open Forums

Open forums are Student Government’s ways of gaining students inputs on college-wide issues. The first open forum was on parking and reached over 2,000 students in late August 2017. In mid-November, we introduced our new Student Body President Thomas Beaucham to the UNF community, as well. The third forum was a way for students to voice any concerns they had coming back into the New Year. Student Government plans on implementing more open forums in the 2018-2019 school year, follow our social media (@unfsg) for further announcements on our next open forum. Have an idea? Come to the Student Union Rotunda on the 3rd floor from 8 AM-5 PM Monday through Friday! We would love to hear it!

  OpenForumSM1   Meet Your SG President    OpenForum-jan30-01

 Open Forum Topic  Date
 Parking    Aug-30-17
President's Meet & Greet Nov-14-17
Any Topic Open Forum   Jan-30-18