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Executive Branch

Positions will be updated continuously. As we are currently in the midst of our transition period, many positions are not yet filled. Please refer to our homepage for applications.


The Executive Branch works to address student concerns on campus. Members of the Executive Branch help the student body in multiple ways. Their duties include serving on university committees, speaking at events, working with athletes, Greek and other groups and organizations, as well as coordinating activities for students. The Executive Branch is comprised of the Executive Cabinet and Executive Agencies.


Student Body President

Selma Besirevic; She/Her/Hers

Languages: English, Bosanski, Hrvatski, Српски

Selma Besirevic, a first-generation college student with immigrant parents, grew up in upstate New York and Jacksonville, FL. She is majoring in Political Science with a minor in History. Selma also plans on attending law school after completing her undergraduate degree. She is the proud head of the Executive Branch and aspires to serve the student body with due diligence during her term. She wants to represent her constituents to the best of her abilities and plans on doing this through completing the big-ticket initiatives associated with her campaign. She is driven and takes her platform of: You. Your Home. Your Future. seriously. Aside from being Student Body President, she is a sister of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority on campus. A quote that humbles her and she believes is very important in being a public servant is, “human is human.”
John Grosso square headshot

Student Body Vice President

Johnny Grosso; He/Him/His

Languages: English

Johnny Grosso resides from Palm Beach, FL but currently lives in Charlotte, NC when not at UNF. He is studying Political Science with a concentration in Public Law in order to eventually move onto law school. He oversees the Executive Agencies, so his main goals are to both increase awareness and increase comfortability in your new home at UNF. As for campus involvement, Johnny will be serving as the 2022 Chapter President of the Theta Chi Fraternity.

Ali Sartawi headshot

Attorney General

Ali Sartawi; He/Him/His

Languages: Arabic and English

Ali Sartawi comes all the way from Amman, Jordan! His major is Political Science here at the University of North Florida. As Attorney General, he is responsible for upholding the ethical standard set forth by the Constitution and Statutes while also clarifying any questions regarding the law. Ali’s main goal is to make sure that all documents are easy and simple enough to understand alongside making sure that the process of serving the students is timely and efficient.

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Student Advocate

Mikhaela Alforque square headshot


Mikhaela Alforque; She/Her/Hers

Languages: English, Cebuano, Tagalog

Mikhaela Alforque, a former resident of Cebu City, Philippines, is a double major in Psychology and Political Science with plans to practice law. As Treasurer, Mikhaela wants to make sure that the A&S fees, which our Osprey community contributes to, are being used ethically and appropriately. She believes that Ospreys attend the University of North Florida to pursue higher education and accomplish their career goals; fortunately, Student Government is here to assist with that journey and that starts with the proper allocation of funding. Mikhaela enjoys getting involved in the UNF community by participating in University Wide Committees such as the Student Fee Assessment Committee and the Student Union Advisory Board. She is also the chair for the Scholarship Committee.

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Chief of Staff
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Project Manager
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Communications Director
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Graphic Designer