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Executive Branch

Positions will be updated continuously. As we are currently in the midst of our transition period, many positions are not yet filled. Please refer to our homepage for applications.


The Executive Branch works to address student concerns on campus. Members of the Executive Branch help the student body in multiple ways. Their duties include serving on university committees, speaking at events, working with athletes, Greek and other groups and organizations, as well as coordinating activities for students. The Executive Branch is comprised of the Executive Cabinet and Executive Agencies.

John Aloszka headshot

Student Body President

John Aloszka

Nat Costello headshot

Student Body Vice President

Nat Costello

Carlita Washington headshot

Attorney General

Carlita Washington

Kylie Keierstein headshot

Student Advocate


Kylie Feierstein

Kenneth Smith headshot


Kenneth Smith

Ally Schneider headshot

Chief of Staff

Ally Schneider

Paige Garcia headshot

Communications Director

Paige Garcia

Matilda Phan headshot

Graphic Designer

Matilda Phan

Event Planner

Diana Suleman