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Office of Elections Fall 2020 Results

Jason Brangaccio Headshot


Jason Brangaccio

I'm running for senate to make UNF more inclusive and fun for all students.


I'm mostly interested on improving the student experience here at UNF by bringing back tailgating and giving more funding to ozfest and other student events.

Jack Craig Headshot


Jack Craig

I’m running primarily to increase food options on campus, but also to increase the campus experience at UNF. I have a lot of food allergies, and since food allergies as a whole have become more prevalent in today’s society, I’m planning to work to increase dining options for students with food allergies. In addition, I want to help to renovate the Boathouse, and make tailgates and Party in the Plaza way more fun, to make it so people want to come to UNF in the future just by their first college tour.

Belle Damico Headshot


Gabrielle D'Amico

My name is Belle D'Amico, and I'm running for the UNF senate. I'm running to serve as a voice for the student body at UNF and make the changes that matter. UNF is home to many students, and I want to make that home safer than ever. By adding more blue lights around campus and updating safety protocol. College can be stressful; I want to make sure students have the services they need to stay mentally and physically healthy. As a Senator, I would make improvements to student health services and add healthier food options to campus.


Bridget Dinkins Headshot


Bridget Dinkins

Bridgett is a freshman from Fernandina Beach, studying biology.


George Faklis Headshot


George Faklis

George Faklis currently serves as a Senator. He hopes to continue to serve the student body to the best of his abilities. He also hopes to give back to UNF what it has given him in the last three years.

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Candidate information temporarily removed.

Raymon Johnson Headshot


Raymon Johnson

Hello Ospreys! My name is Raymon and I’m running for Senate to represent and serve the student body at UNF. I hope to work with my colleagues to improve campus services, strengthen student engagement, and grow appreciation for our environment. Make sure you do what’s right and vote ignite!

SaiRahul Kilambi Headshot


SaiRahul Kilambi

SaiRahul Kilambi is currently serving as Senate President Pro Tempore. “I’m running to make diversity and inclusion more visible on campus. I also would like to increase student involvement at sporting events working with Ospreylife to figure out events that fit everyone’s need not just a select few.”

matt leone headshot


Matthew Leone

One of my main goals of running for senate is to put more power into the students hands and make student government more transparent with students across campus like with matters such as informing students of all the opportunities that the senate and the school can provide for them. Also I plan on bringing better dining options to campus such as chipotle or anything else that the students want to incorporate on campus. I want to increase the funding that we put towards our scholarships and incorporate more ways to give out scholarships to people all across the Jacksonville community. And lastly I plan on incorporating a council of diversity to make this campus more diverse and inclusive amongst all races and demographics.

ellis levine headshot


Ellis Levine

Ellis is currently serving as B&A Chair and would like to aid in creating a more transparent student government.

lucas mougeot headshot


Lucas Mougeot

It's time to begin UNF's transition to renewable energy! Lucas Mougeot believes that a carbon-neutral future starts today and it's high-time UNF takes measured steps in helping society achieve this. He intends to advocate for solar panels on campus, an expansion of agriculture in student life, and the establishment of a Farmer's market for students to purchase produce from local farms, groceries, and our very own gardens at UNF.

matt myers headshot


Mathew Myers

I want to join senate because I would like to give students their voice and make choices for our campus that would make it a better and more inclusive environment for students. There are some improvements I would especially want to see such as, improving and expanding counseling services to help students improve their mental health. As well as making changes on campus to lower our carbon footprint such as using more renewable energy sources. Every student on campus should have a voice in the changes made to the campus and should be aware of the resources offered to them and that’s why I should be in senate.

cassidy rider headshot


Cassidy Rider

I want to be part of senate as I have a passion for taking part in great change. I’m a leader who can help others persevere through hard times. I have many ideas to help UNF become the greatest it can be and also possess the strength to make changes happen. I use kindness and open-mindedness wherever I go and I would bring theses aspects to student government.

rachel saunders headshot


Rachel Saunders

My name is Rachel Saunders and I am currently the Senate President as well as the Party Chair for Ignite. I am running for a senate seat to continue to serve the students and make change at UNF. I believe that Student Government is a fantastic Avenue to make change and that’s exactly what I want to do! SG needs more diversity and I think implementing a council for diversity would be a great starting point! I want to make UNF a safe, inclusive and fun place to be! I want to do this by creating the council for diversity, making changes to dining options on campus, renovating the boathouse, updating party in the plaza, expanding on the counseling center, adding more lighting to parking areas on campus, adding more blue lights, etc.!

max schuchard headshot


Maxwell Schuchard

I’m running for senate to improve student’s social options on campus such as bringing back tailgates and increasing availability and options at the boathouse for students. I want to move towards more open administrator to student dialogue so we can get the most out of our tuition money through fun student experiences that increase school spirit!

maddie sharpe headshot


Madeline Sharpe

My name is Maddie Sharpe and I’m a junior majoring in communication here at UNF. My vision is for a SG that listens, represents, and responds to students’ concerns and ideas while working effectively with the administration. I want to facilitate greater diversity within SG so that every student feels represented and create more transparency so that students know they can trust their representatives.

miranda bird headshot


Miranda Bird

Miranda Bird, a Co-Chair of the Solidarity Party and member of the Hicks Honors College, is dedicated to improving UNF websites, enhancing communication, creating accessibility, and increasing diversity across campus to ensure every student feels represented.

Ashley Mason Headshot


Ashley Mason

Ashley Mason, a member of Alpha Delta Pi and the Hicks Honors College, is new to campus, but she's already in love with UNF and wants to make it a better place for all students! Her biggest priority is improving accessibility on campus for every UNF student.

Cora Smith Headshot


Cora-Grace Smith

Cora-Grace Smith is dedicated to complete and utter transparency in Student Government. She plans to improve mental health services on campus, create awareness for the different situations our students are in, and encourage open communication with students so we can devise solutions to any problems.


emily sullivan headshot


Emily Sullivan

Emily Sullivan, a member of Alpha Phi and the Hicks Honors College, wants to help make Student Government a system that works for all UNF students through creating a functional, effective, and transparent system that is accessible to all and free from intimidation.