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Office of Elections Spring 2021

Unofficial Results 
Selma Besirevic Headshot

Selma Besirevic - President

"Being a First-Generation college student with immigrant parents I understand what it feels like to feel as if there are many that support you, but no one to help you with your academic career. I do not want students to go through struggle anymore and I vow to make that change with UNF. And I say that for all struggles. Mental health needs to be destigmatized- students need a more reliable Counseling Center. Students struggle with hunger and housing- it is not abnormal. We need to be there for one another as Ospreys, as people. I want to Take Charge and make UNF the home it should be for all of us, for the diverse student body it is. I am going to be here for you. I am going to be here to help Take Charge of You. Your Home. Your Future."

Darryl Boyer Headshot

Darryl Boyer - Vice President

"My name is Darryl Boyer. I have been conquering obstacles most of my life even before I was born. My biological mother struggled with addiction and domestic abuse. When I was born on June 7, 1999 in order to protect me, the judicial system decided to take me away from my biological parents. I spent the next three years being passed around from one foster home to another. During this time, I underwent severe mental and physical abuse. Ultimately, a loving family who continue to support and inspire me adopted me when I was three.However, I have not allowed my past to define who I am; it has only strengthened me for a self-determined future.


So far during my college career I have focused my energy on a plethora of clubs and activities. As your Elections Commissioner, I reformed our Student Government (SG) Elections, diversified our SG leadership and advocated for adequate lighting on campus. As an Osprey minority, I see the desperate need for diverse representation. In High School I had the honor to be a team runner on our varsity track and cross-country team, I also serve as president of our school’s Ebony Society, chairman of Ascend Network, and student representative of our school’s Positive Behavior Support (PBS) team. Hopefully these leadership experiences will help me best serve our student body to the best of my ability. During my time as your SG Vice President I will make our campus inclusive, safe and spirited. Our team and I will also remain transparent and hopefully inspire other people facing similar overwhelming life challenges to never doubt they are a valuable asset to society and can become influential."


Stefanny Carranza  Headshot

Stefanny Carranze - Senator

 "Hello everyone, my name is Stefanny Carranza and I am advocating for more student involvement on campus, more scholarships, and keeping bright futures. I have learned about many of the opportunities and resources that UNF has to offer and it makes me want to change the way we execute things at UNF, so that every student here is aware of what the university has to offer. I am also advocating for first generation students, being one myself, I personally understand the struggle of it. I also think the topic of diversity is talked about a lot on campus but there is room for changes to occur, to make what we preach, be practiced. School spirit is something that is important to have in order to attract new students, bringing back safe tailgating, hosting market Wednesdays, and adding new events to get students involved would really help campus life!" 

Danielle Comeaux Headshot

Danielle Comeaux - Senator

"I want to implement recognition for indigenous history and events. I am running to bring new ideas to benefit UNF, such as the 24-hour study nook to accommodate different students schedules, local discounts for students, and hold events for diversity with the university.”


Briana Pereira Headshot

Brianna Pereira - Senator

“I was in Student Government in high school and I loved every second of it. Getting to plan events for the Student body was such a fun and great experience. I want to be able to give the students at UNF a memorable, safe, and fun collegiate experience. My personal goal is to be a friend to everyone, a voice that represents what the people want, and a humble servant to the student body.” 

Sarah Carioti Headshot

Sarah Carioti - Senator

"My goal is to represent the student body to the best of my abilities. I plan on accomplishing and carrying out my initiatives and make 2021 the best year UNF has ever seen. UNF needs a sense of pride and safety such as enhancing lighting on campus and bringing back Market Wednesdays. I also want to install a 24-hour dining location." 

John Grosso Headshot

John Grosso - Senator

"I am running for Senate to make sure UNF students can have the best home, and ensure this for years to come. I am extremely excited to be running with the Charge Party to ensure, with strong determination, that my list of initiatives is accomplished and implemented on our campus. Vote on March 9th and 10th to let me represent you in the Senate and continue to make UNF the best it can be.”



Chantae Roberts Headshot

Chantae Roberts - Senator

"As a senator I will help my fellow Ospreys as well as create more diversity and inclusion on campus. I am eager to start making campus life more fun. I want to make First-Generation college students feel like they have a home by implementing a program called First-Gen Connect and having school spirit events." 

Armenay Chakour Headshot

Armenay Chakour - Senator

"Hello! My name is Armenay Chakour and I am a freshman psychology major from Jacksonville, Florida and currently serve as a Senator. I would like to continue to be in Student Government because I believe it is imperative that we do what we can to better ourselves, our campus, and our community. One thing I would like to do during my time in Student Government is make people more aware of the effects mental health can have on a person as well as making more mental health resources readily available for students. "
Isabella Brinkmann Headshot

Isabella Brinkmann - Senator

Kevin Luhrs Headshot

Kevin Luhrs - Senator

My name is Kevin Luhrs, and I’m a first-generation student running for Senate! I work for the university as a working student and I was previously the Assistant Director of Lend-A-Wing, Student Government’s food pantry. I’m a native son of Jacksonville and attended Douglas Anderson School of the Arts and Lee High School.


As a senator, I will help the student body through the pandemic by connecting students to jobs on campus, increasing scholarships for the student body and the Duval community, and creating more mental health resources on campus. 


Additionally, I will work to increase the number of hours that SKYS is open (Students Keeping You Safe) and increase the number of SKYS pilots. I will work on expanding Lend-A-Wing by adding satellites around campus and near housing, and work with on-campus stakeholders to provide more support to all of our students.


Gabrielle Sheldon Headshot

Gabrielle Sheldon - Senator

 " Hi! my names Gabrielle Sheldon and i’m a freshman. I’m a political science major with a minor in criminal justice! I’m also apart of the lgbtq+ club! I decided to join student government because I want to help promote diversity throughout campus. I believe in inclusivity and advocating for the student body and sustainability. I overall would like to be apart of the change and make campus, safe, fun, and inclusive."

Josh Murry Headshot

Joshua Murry - Senator

Joshua Murry is a sophomore from Jacksonville, Florida and is double majoring in Music Performance and Political Science. 


Joshua is a current senator and serves as Vice Chair of the Rules and Oversight Committee. He wants to be in Student Government to help make a better campus and represent the interests of the student body. He believes in promoting diversity and inclusion at UNF, making campus safer for all students, improving dining options and campus culture, increasing community outreach, making more scholarships available to students and providing tools to help UNF students succeed. He hopes building upon his experience through the past year will help improve the UNF experience for everyone and will work hard to earn your vote. 

Jesse Huffman Headshot

Jesse Huffman - Senator

 Jesse is a sophomore from Jacksonville, studying Political Science with a minor in Criminal Justice. Jesse currently serves as the University and Student Affairs Committee chair in the Senate. Building and maintaining an inclusive community full of opportunities is Jesse's number one goal! He believes campus culture needs to be improved through more dining options and an increased focus on sports and clubs. His two years of experience in the Senate prepare him well for the job, and he looks forward to earning your vote!


Daniel Lage Headshot

Daniel Lage - Senator

 "My name is Daniel Lage. I’m a senior majoring in political science who is running for re-election as a student government senator. I believe in giving students tangible results. Whether that be increased funding for student resources or more events on campus, I believe that one of the most important jobs of a senator is to make student’s college experience more enjoyable."   

Allyson Minot Headshot

Allyson Minot - Senator

 "My name is Allyson Minot I’m a junior from Cocoa majoring in psychology with a minor in criminal justice. I’m also part of Kappa Alpha Theta. I want to join student government this semester because I feel the student body deserves to be heard equally. I believe in an inclusive and fun college experience for all of campus."

Kyriakos Faklis New Headshot

Kyriakos Faklis - Senator

"My name is Kyriakos Faklis and I'm a freshman from Tarpon Springs, Florida majoring in Marketing. I'm involved in Rotaract, RHA, and the American Marketing Association. I have also served on the COVID student focus group led by SG VP Dougherty.  I hope to become a senator so I can give my fellow students a voice in all university-wide matters!"



Sophia Gallo Headshot

Sophia Gallo - Senator

Sophia Gallo is a sophomore here at UNF, with a political science major and psychology minor. Sophia currently serves as the parliamentarian in student government, and has been involved in SG for two years. Sophia is a member of the Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, and is a big advocate for mental health resources on campus. Sophia wants to make diversity and inclusion one of the top priorities of Student Government, as well as mental health, sexual assault awareness, and sustainability on campus. Sophia is very passionate about Student Government, and hopes to be able to keep serving students throughout her college career.  

Nathaniel Rodefer Headshot

Nathaniel Rodefer - Senator

Nathaniel Rodefer is a Sophomore majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Leadership. He is an incumbent Senator who serves as the Vice-Chair for the University and Student Affairs committee, as well as the Student Government Representative on the University-Wide committee for Sustainability. Outside of Student Government, he serves as a Board Member for the Honors Student Union, as well as the Head of Public Relations for the Jewish Student Union. He believes in advocating for more sustainable practices at UNF, from investing in solar energy, to divestment from the fossil fuel industry. He also believes in making Senate and Senators more accessible to the student body to better foster communication and a sense of community and representation. He aspires to have campus fully re-open by fall semester, and to improve the UNF experience for the students, from bringing back Market Wednesdays, to improving the resources available through UNF's Counseling Center.
Ethan Cloin Headshot

Ethan Cloin - Senator

Ethan Cloin is a senior studying Computer Science at UNF. By applying the same discipline and reasoning skills required to solve computing problems to his responsibilities as a representative, Ethan plans to make meaningful steps towards improving the student experience at UNF. In particular, he is excited to involve himself in the existing programs focused on improving students’ access to mental health resources, and the Lend-a-Wing pantry. If elected, this will be his first and last chance to make an impact through a Senate position, and he will not allow that opportunity to go to waste!
Isabelle Essa Headshot

Isabelle Essa - Senator

"Hi everyone! My name is Isabelle Essa and I am a Sophomore. This is my first opportunity to get involved with Student Government, but I have leadership experiences in my sorority, Kappa Delta. I currently, serve as the Vice President of Community Service. UNF is a unique place, it deserves leadership that is honest, inquisitive, and bold. That’s what I want to bring to Student Government with the Ignite party."

Anabelle Cioara Headshot

Anabelle Cioara - Senator

 "Hello, my name is Anabelle Cioara. I am a freshman at the University of North Florida and am majoring in Physics with the pre-medical track. I am very excited to be running for Senate under the Ignite Party because it has always been a goal of mine to be in the student government as it helps me be a voice to the students as a whole and make this university the best it has ever been. As well as being apart the student government, I am in Alpha Phi and I am also in the Honors College. I love to be around people and be creative with innovative ideas to benefit the school and the student body, which is why I am overjoyed to be running for Senate."