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Student Body President History

UNF's Student Government has a rich history. Founded in 1975, presidential elections were initially held during the spring and fall semesters. It wasn't until 1980 that the first Student Government President, James Pearthree, held office for a full year.


In 2002, UNF's Student Government was codified by Florida Legislature, which recognized the following basic rights:

  1. Right to exist.
  2. Right to self-govern.
  3. Right to hire and appoint its members.
  4. Right to administer activity and service fees.

To date UNF's student body has elected 47 presidents and one interim president. Selma Besirevic is our current Student Government President and University Trustee.


Presidential Terms
Office Term President
July 1975- November 1975 William Ely
November 1975 - May 1976 Embree A. Walker
1976-1977 Mary Ann Waters
May 1977- January 1978 Joseph E. Smyth
January 1978- January 1978 Carlton E. Godwin
May 1978- March 1979 Samuel D. Armstrong
March 1979 - June 1979 James L. Young
1979-1980 Gloria J. Fulvi
1980-1981 James S. Pearthree
1981-1982 Frederick M. Wilkinson
1982-1983 Jack M. Nunnery
1983-1984 B.J. Haimowitz-Brown
1984-1985 Jason B. Burnett
1985-1986 "Peggy" M. Allen
1986-1987 William C. Bowen
1987-1988 Scott M. Francis
1988-1989 John M. Walker
1989-1990 Valerie Molina Covington
1990-1991 Scott Rogers
1991-1992 Christina (Trina Jennings) Dzrazil
1992-1993 Lavon Banks
1993-1994 William Hughes
1994-1995 Kerry Heyward
1995-1997 Josh S. Kuethe
1997-1998 Eric A. Nelson
1998-1999 John Carey
1999-2000 Alexander Diaz
2000-2001 Ann Duskin
2001-2002 Lindsay Hodges
2002-2003 Hank Rogers
2003-2005 Jerry Watterson
2005-2006 Thomas Foran
2006-2007 Justin Damiano
2007-2008 Rachel Tutwiler
2008-2010 John R. Barnes
2010-2011 Sitou Byll-Cataria
2011-2012 Matthew Brockelman
2012-2014 Carlo Fassi
2014-2015 Joseph Turner
2015 Shomari Gloster
2015-2016 Hailey Guerra
2016-2017 Caleb Grantham
2017 Bella Genta
2017 Samantha Mims
2017-2018 Thomas Beaucham
2018-2019 Jenna DuPilka  
2019-2020 John Aloszka
2020-2021 Ally Schneider
2021-present Selma Besirevic