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Betty J. Garris Business and Accounting - with dollar signs and SG logo

Student Government: Business and Accounting Office


Remember: Under no circumstances may the University's tax exempt number be used by a Registered Student Organization (RSO), or club.

About Our Office

The Business and Accounting Office is housed within Student Government (SG). We act as the "gateway" to the Activity and Service (A&S) Fee Fund, which is a part of the tuition that UNF students pay that supports student activities and services. While managed by Student Government, the A&S Fee is allocated to multiple offices within Student Government, as well as the Student Union and Recreation and Wellness.


Our Office is comprised of five staff members. Three of whom oversees multiple budgeted indexes. If you ever have any questions about a specific budgeted index, see the index assignments below on who best to contact:


Jason Edgar, Assistant Director (ext. 5406,

Fiscal advisor to Student Government, including the SG Treasurer, Budget & Allocations (B&A) Chair, and Lend-A-Wing Pantry.


Katrina Willis, Accounting Manager (ext. 1581,

Indexes: Students Keeping You Safe (402014), Executive Branch (402060), SG Business & Administration (402062), Judicial Branch (402063), Office of Elections (402081), Special Requests (402097), Spinnaker (402400).


Tim Barnes, Accounting Associate (ext. 1582,

Indexes: Lend-A-Wing Pantry (402015) Osprey Life and Productions (402017), Homecoming (402025), Student Travel (402028), Recreation & Intramurals (402030), Student Wellness Complex (402031), Legislative Branch (402061), 


Sasha Kuntsevich, Accounting Associate (ext. 1588, Indexes: Student Union (402010), Student Involvement Center (402040) and Club Funding (402041).


Robin Robertson, Office Assistant (ext. 1511,

Student Funding

Student Government offers a variety of funding opportunities to the student body through the Legislative Branch, Student Involvement Center, and our Scholarships.


Special Requests are meant to fund special events and services or projects for students. Any university department, agency or student organization funded department or entity may request this type of funding. All special requests are first heard by the B&A Committee, then approved by SG Senate, and then signed by the SG President as approved legislation. To request these funds, requestors must fill out the Special Request form completely and accurately, attach all quotes and backup documentation, then submit to the SG Rotunda (Student Union 38 East, room 3300) at least three (3) days before the next B&A Committee meeting. If your request is for an event, you must submit your paperwork five (5) weeks prior to the event date.


Travel Requests are meant to fund student travel where the student traveler(s) is representing UNF. Due to COVID 19 all travel is suspended.  However, request may still be made to attend virtual conferences. This can include competitions, conferences, out-of-town meetings, seminars, workshops, etc. Individual students may request up to $500 per request, but can only receive $500 in funding per fiscal year (July-June). RSOs can request up to $2,000 per request for group travel, but can only receive $2,000 in funding per fiscal year. All travel requests are heard and approved by the B&A Committee and then signed by the SG President as approved legislation. To request travel funding, requestors must fill out the Travel Request form completely and accurately, attach all quotes and backup documentation, then submit to the SG Rotunda at least five (5) weeks before the event or travel date.


Club Funding can be requested from the Student Involvement Center through the Grant Request process. In order to submit a grant request, your RSO must be funding eligible through Student Involvement Center. For more on the Grant Request process, see the Club Funding page.


SG Scholarships are available at the beginning of each Fall semester and are typically split in half: half of the award is granted in the Fall and the other half in the Spring. SG provides Competitive scholarships, which are awarded by our Scholarship Committee, and Decentralized scholarships, which are awarded by different partnering departments. While award amounts vary, every student who applies will receive a letter over the Thanksgiving Break announcing if they have been awarded a scholarship. Check out our Scholarship page for more information on the different awards we offer, instructions on how to apply, and announcements for when the 2020-2021 Scholarship applications will become available.


Business and Accounting Documents