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Student Government

Osprey Voice Survey

The University and Student Affairs Committee (USA) is responsible for acting as a liaison between the University of North Florida's student body, University Administration, and Student Government. Additionally, it promotes programs and activities, locally or nationally, that are of interest to UNF. In order to do this, the committee creates monthly Osprey Voice campus surveys, and also hosts one Round-table each semester, so students can share their ideas and opinions on various matters.

February OV Survey 


If you would like to submit any suggestions or questions you can fill out the Osprey Voice Proposal Form located at the front desk in the Rotunda, Building 58E/3300, or fill out this form.

**Detailed question results are available to the public by emailing**

  • What is Osprey Voice?

    Osprey Voice is a research tool used by Student Government to gather information about issues or initiatives pertaining to the student body. The survey consists of questions and data collection to better support initiatives.

    The Student Body President, Senate President, and USA Committee Chair compose questions depending on the issues that are presented to Student Government, and then the USA Committee approves the survey before it is given out to students.

  • Results will be posted here: