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dark alley - research is the process of going up to alleys to if they are blind - Marston Bates
a fact acquires its true and full value only through the idea which is developed from it- Von Liebig
(Stack of Books picture) Statement by Benjamin Franklin "An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest"

Research Integrity

The University of North Florida promotes the responsible conduct of research through federally mandated oversight committees (Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects [IRB] and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee [IACUC]), which provide for public safety and ethical scientific procedures in all research that involves human or animal subjects, and the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) which provides oversight of hazardous materials used in research. These committees assure compliance with all federal and state regulations and university policies that govern both funded and non-funded research. In addition to providing administrative support to the compliance committees, Research Integrity (RI) staff in the Office of Research and Sponsored Research help researchers navigate through the regulatory compliance review process by providing educational outreach and assistance with research protocol development.


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Human Research Protection

Information on UNF's Institutional Review Board, including training and protocol preparation and submission.

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Use of Biohazardous Materials

Guidelines for the use of biohazadous materials at UNF, including information on the Institutional Biosafety Committee.

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Animals in Teaching & Research

Ensuring the welfare of animals used at UNF is the responsibility of the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee.

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Other Researcher Responsibilities

Other areas of research compliance at UNF include conflict of interest, export control, and material transfer agreements, among others.