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Engineering 06

Radiation Safety

The University of North Florida (UNF) is licensed by the State of Florida, Department of Health, Bureau of Radiation Control as an authorized user of radioactive materials and radiation generating devices. The primary responsibilities of UNF’s Radiation Safety Program are to ensure that radiation controls are implemented to protect all university personnel and the public and to guarantee that radiation sources are used in accordance with Chapter 64E-5 of the Florida Administrative Code (FAC).  This Radiation Safety Program sets forth polices, regulations and procedures approved by UNF’s Radiation Safety Review Committee (RSRC). UNF’s Radiation Safety Program is made up of procedures and guidelines which govern all segments of isotope use on campus.


Radiation Safety Program [pdf]

Appendix A - Radiation Safety Outline [pdf]
Appendix B - Radiation Safety Orientation Record [pdf]
Appendix C - Possession and Use [pdf]
Appendix D - Radioisotope Utilization Form [pdf]
Appendix E - Radiation Safety Contamination Survey [pdf]
Appendix F - Radio-Active Material Receipt [pdf]
Appendix G - Radioisotope Quarterly Inventory [pdf]
Appendix H - Radiation Safety Audit Form [pdf]
Appendix I - Radiation Safety Awareness [pdf]
Appendix J - Radiation Safety Exam [pdf]
Appendix K - Radiation Generating Device Safety [pdf]
Appendix L - Isotope Receipt/Disposal Form [pdf]

Dosimeter Request Form [pdf]

For more information, please contact Dan Endicott, Director of Environmental Health and Safety, at or (904) 620-2019