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Innovation at UNF

Growth in research at the University of North Florida provides many opportunities for businesses and non-profit organizations to partner with UNF faculty and students to solve their R&D needs, and we also offer a number of excellent inventions with high commercialization potential. UNF encourages interested partners, including entrepreneurial members of our faculty, to license our intellectual property or establish start-up ventures based on UNF's portfolio of technology. 
At UNF, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) facilitates the identification, protection, and promotion of intellectual property (IP). ORSP administers UNF's IP policies, facilitates the legal protection of IP, and manages the technology transfer process. ORSP assists researchers with copyrights and patents and is the institutional negotiating and licensing agent for the commercialization of UNF-owned inventions and works. Through marketing and licensing activities, ORSP brings technology forward to public use and for the benefit of the inventor, the university, and the community.

For Researchers

Faculty, staff, and students who are creating new intellectual property can find helpful information on protecting and commercializing their inventions or works.

For Industry

If you are interested in partnering with UNF on R&D projects or to commercialize our intellectual property, we have several programs to make it easy to work with us.

Available for Licensing

UNF has a growing portfolio of intellectual property available to license and commercialize. Details on these innovative technologies can be reviewed here.

UNF Spin-Off Companies

One of the goals of R&D activities at the University of North Florida is to cultivate the creation of new companies that move the university's ideas to the marketplace.

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