Grants Accounting and Financial Management (GAFM)


The mission of the Grants Accounting and Financial Management area within the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs includes overseeing the financial administration of all grants and contracts received by the University of North Florida. Some of the responsibilities of the Grants Accounting and Financial Management area include:

  • Establishing sponsored accounts and budget load    
  • Approving and recording rebudgeting and cost transfer requests    
  • Invoicing sponsors/submitting cash drawdown for federal awards    
  • Developing and submitting financial status reports to sponsors     
  • Overseeing close-out activities, including transferring of residual accounts    
  • Assisting departments with accounting issues    
  • Providing training to faculty and departmental administrative research staff     
  • Overseeing effort reporting and cost-sharing activities     
  • Overseeing fiscal and administrative compliance issues relative to fiscal and administrative management of funded projects     
  • Reviewing and recording indirect costs     
  • Collecting outstanding account receivables     
  • Depositing of checks and/or recording wire transfers     
  • Assisting agencies with requests for additional information     
  • Assisting auditors with data requests and reports     
  • Conducting orientation meetings and close-out meetings with PIs for each award received     
  • Providing budget reports to PIs regarding account balances and expenditures monthly or as needed  
  • Providing administrative support to PIs for completing requisitions, invoices, personnel forms, travel forms, property forms, student stipends, and other university-required forms  
  • Working closely with PIs to monitor the timely submission of technical reports and required agency deliverables    
  • Conducting meetings with internal and external customers regarding grant and contract expenditures and/or issues 


GAFM is responsible for adhering to procedures in compliance with the University, the State of Florida, and the funding source's rules, guidelines, and regulations. Audits conducted by agencies, state, and federal auditors require GAFM to maintain sound fiscal and internal controls. Further, ORSP is responsible for certifying that project activities are in the best interest of the University and enhance its academic mission. Therefore, the GAFM area is guided by federal, state, agency, and university specific guidelines.