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Contract Administration

The Contract Administration (CA) unit is responsible for writing, reviewing, and negotiating contracts, subcontracts, and amendments for sponsored activities. The Contract Administration unit provides a comprehensive analysis of contract and grant terms and conditions to ensure that the University has the organizational capacity or is able to acquire the necessary capacity to successfully perform and meet contractual obligations.



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Contract Negotiation
After a grant or contract award is received, the CA team is responsible for negotiating award terms and securing institutional approval for award acceptance. A contract is a legally binding document that serves as a procurement mechanism to acquire property or services for the direct benefit or use of the sponsor.  Contracts entail specific obligations and define specific details of the legal relationship between both the sponsor and recipient.


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Subaward (outgoing)
A  subaward (also known as a subagreement or subcontract) is an agreement issued by the University of North Florida under its Prime Award to another organization, setting forth the terms and conditions whereby the subrecipient will assist UNF by performing a significant programmatic aspect of the overall project. The subaward process begins when a grant, cooperative agreement, or contract is issued to UNF from a sponsor for the purpose of completing a project/research study within a certain period of time with a set amount of funding (“Prime Award”).