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Nutrition Services

UNF’s Wellness Dietitians offer a holistic approach to nutrition education and personalized nutrition counseling. During an appointment, we provide you with the tools to confidently make your own food choices and practice flexibility, balance, and enjoyment of all foods. We will work with you to create achievable, realistic wellness goals with consideration for your lifestyle, preferences and schedule.


If you are a current UNF student, faculty or staff member and wish to schedule a free appointment with a registered dietitian, contact Kelly at and Callie at To find out more information about services or appointments, call us at (904) 620-5223. Follow us on Instagram at @unfnutrition.


Meet your Wellness Dietitians:

Callie Stewart Headshot

Callie Stewart, RDN

Kelly Schooley Headshot

Kelly Schooley, RDN



*UNF Nutrition Services Cancellation and No Show Policy states that if a student, staff or faculty member fails to show up 3 or more times to a session in one school year, that the Department has the right to terminate their care to the client. Please call the department to view the policy.