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Class Descriptions

Ab Attack

  • Come and feel the burn! This 30-minute class will give you a complete core (abdominals, obliques and low back) workout, along with the needed cardio to work your core to the max.

Booty Blast

  • A comprehensive total body workout with an emphasis on the glutes! Get toned and tightened in this class and learn the most effective exercises to obtain the booty you've always wanted!

Buns & Guns

  • This class is all about symmetry. You will utilize plyometrics, body weight calisthenics, and resistance and strength training to sculpt and tone your upper and lower body. This class can have outdoor elements involved, so bring your water bottle and towel and get ready to work!

Cardio Step

  • This class is a blend of step aerobics and cardio conditioning. Work both your heart and skeletal muscles in this exciting, beat based class!
Free Flow
  • In this class we explore movement as a form of meditation. We let go of everything we know about yoga and dance and allow our bodies to move intuitively. This space allows us to tap into our inner experience and creative potential.

HIT Training/HIT Training Express

  • Full body high intensity training (HIT) that uses a variety of equipment and timing intervals to challenge the muscular and cardiovascular systems.
  • Learn how to meditate using different techniques and forms of the practice. There is no right or wrong way; this class will allow you to access a quiet space within yourself. This class will leave you feeling grounded and balanced.
Meditation in Motion/Tai Chi
  •  Get ready to focus, relax, and reduce stress! Tai Chi is the ancient Chinese practice of meditation in motion. In this class we will practice deep breathing and focus while improving coordination, leg strength, and balance as we flow through meditative Tai Chi forms!

Mixed Level Yoga

  • Whether you're a beginner or an advanced yogi, we have something for you. This creative yoga practice is built for restoring the body and increasing flexibility through slower paced poses, along with stretching and breathing exercises. This class will allow options to modify or variate each posture, allowing all levels to feel comfortable and challenged.

Power Yoga

  • Power yoga is a total body yoga class, ideal for those looking to sweat. Connecting breathing to movement in a faster paced environment, this class can help strengthen muscles and increase endurance. This vigorous class won't leave you disappointed.


  • Pilates focuses on core strength, balance, and stability work to strengthen, and tone all areas of the body using a combination of yoga and mat work.


Relaxing Yoga
  • Come unwind and find your inner peace with slow movement, gentle stretching, and deep breathing. Intertwining breath work, meditation, and soft stretches, this class is perfect for those lookingto find time to unwind and clear the mind.

Slow Flow Yoga

  • This class is designed to stretch the connective tissue around the joints (mostly the knees, pelvis, sacrum, and spine). A passive practice, it involves variations of seated and supine poses typically held for 2 4 minutes, accessing deeper layers of fascia.
  • Spin provides the perfect environment to push your cardio limits. For 55 minutes, you’ll pedal through hill climbs, sprints, and other interval drills with great music and motivating instructors. Bring a towel and water, and get ready to sweat!
Spin Express
  • This 30 minute all levels class is perfect if you’re short on time and still want to break a good sweat. In this cardio class, you’ll pedal through hill climbs, sprints, and other interval drills with great music and motivating instructors. Bring a towel and water, and get ready to sweat!

Spin & Strength

  • This class will incorporate sprints, climbs, and jumps on the spin bike, with low intensity bodyweight style exercises off the bike. Think of this class as a spin class that has frequent bursts of a barre style class. You won't want to miss this!


  • In this 55 minute sweat session, you will be challenged to perform exercises at the highest intensity for intervals of 20 seconds with 10 seconds of rest in between. Your whole body will be worked while increasing your aerobic and anaerobic capacities, resulting in more calories burned even hours after the workout. 

Yoga Burn


  • This 75 minute yoga class will include traditional and rigorous boot camp style warm ups followed by long held yoga poses to both strengthen and relax. All classes will end with a long shavasana.

  • High energy dance fitness featuring Latin and international rhythms including: salsa, merengue, hip hop, and much more. No dance experience required.