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Building Features

The Student Wellness Complex is more than just treadmills and barbells. We are unique, innovative, and progressive.

  • 34’ custom-built climbing wall (Osprey “Cliff”). Not everyone is a gym rat. This feature will attract a different crowd and provide a challenge for students of all levels whether it be a 5 minute bouldering climb as a warm-up before you work out, or a technical top rope climb.
  • 200m (1/8 mi) indoor 3-lane rubber track. It will be 72-degrees year-round…perfect for walking and running. This will keep excuses to a minimum.
  • Wheelchair-accessible equipment including Cybex Total Access weight machines and a Techno Excite upper body ergometer.
  • 3 dedicated group fitness rooms (Spin, Yoga, and Large Fitness Studio); 1 outdoor group fitness patio.
  • 27,000 sq. ft. fitness center (largest in NE Florida) with an ‘integrated’ floor plan in which the cardio equipment and weight equipment are interspersed. Most gyms have all cardio on one side and weights on the other. The result is a segregated population of people who don’t ever try to do something new and different. Our set-up makes intervals and circuits very easy.
  • 260 exercise ‘stations’ (cardio, weight machines, and benches) 260 students can workout at one time. (this number does not include the group fitness areas or track)
  • 14 different brands of exercise equipment. Most gyms have one or two brands. We chose the very best of what is available for each type of equipment.
  • Our “Cozy Corner” which has the feel of a non-intimidating small fitness center within the larger fitness center. This area will have our 11-unit Nautilus One ‘Simple Circuit’, a light dumbbell area, a stretch area, and some cardio equipment.
  • 4 “light” dumbbell areas, set away from the main heavier, larger dumbbell area, for those who want a quieter, more private space to lift weights.
  • Several areas of cardio equipment with different views. If you want to get away from the crowd, no problem, there are plenty of ‘pockets’ of private exercise areas.
  • 2 functional training areas featuring the Life Fitness Synergy 360 (we are calling the Playground) and our “Crossprey-Fit” area with a custom-built monkeybars, 2 Olympic platforms and a slam wall.
  • 3 dedicated stretch mat areas and several stretch machines. Many gyms teach the importance of stretching but don’t give you anywhere to stretch. We have plenty.
  • A full spectrum of cardio equipment, a large stretch area, and 2 light dumbbell areas are located in several places adjacent to the track. You can do your full workout at the track.