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UNF Intramural Sports Handbook Code of Conduct

Participants Expectations

Participation in all UNF Intramural Sports programs is a privilege. All participants who participate in UNF Intramural programs or who utilize UNF Intramural facilities agree to adhere to the following Code of Conduct:

  • Treat the UNF Intramural staff and facilities with respect.
  • Act with character and courtesy while respecting the rights, welfare and dignity of all others in UNF Intramural facilities.
  • Adhere to the rules & policies set by UNF Intramurals & the University in its facilities and programs. Any violations that occur in intramural play will affect your standing and usage of all UNF Intramural programs and facilities. This includes but is not limited to suspension from Intramural Sports as a whole and could include possible referral to the University Judicial Office or the Dean of Students.
  • Act in a safe, responsible manner regarding themselves and others.

Ejected Players

Any time an individual/team is removed from the contest or playing area, an Intramural Sports Disciplinary Report will be completed and placed on file in the Intramural Sports office. Participants who are removed from a contest as a result of unsportsmanlike conduct or disruptive behavior will have one minute to leave the playing area. Failure to comply with our policy will result in notifying of UPD. Players removed from a contest by a supervisor or official are ineligible from further competition in any intramural sport until reinstated by the Intramural Coordinator. A meeting must be scheduled by the ejected player with the Intramural Coordinator at the UNF Arena, room 1048, or by calling (904) 620-2646. After the actual meeting the Intramural Coordinator will make the final determination of eligibility in Intramural Sports.
Participants that choose to practice unsportsmanlike behavior before, during, or after a contest towards an opponent, official, or staff member may be ejected from the contest or future contests. Examples of unsportsmanlike conduct which may result in ejection include, but is not limited to:

  • the use of profanity
  • vulgar and abusive language
  • disrespect toward an official or staff member
  • unnecessary roughness
  • excessive technical fouls
  • flagrant actions toward an opponent
  • flagrant actions toward an official
  • fighting or inciting a fight

Please note that suspensions do not begin until the player has met with the Intramural Coordinator.

Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco

All Intramural Sports facilities are alcohol and tobacco free (including smokeless tobacco). Everyone must extinguish smoking material and dispose of smokeless tobacco prior to entering any facility or nearing any area designated “non-smoking” including entrance ways. Alcohol, including tailgating, is strictly prohibited in the Intramural Sports facility, by players and spectators. Individuals who appear to be under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs will be reported to UPD and asked to leave any Intramural Sports facility. The University Police will be called to assist with individuals who do not cooperate.

Spectators Policy

Fans are welcome at all games and activities. However, please note that teams are responsible for their spectators’ behavior. Our goal and responsibility is to provide and create a healthy atmosphere for all participants. We ask for your cooperation as a participant to help develop a positive atmosphere. Spectators that choose to practice unsportsmanlike behavior before, during, or after a contest towards a participant, official, or staff member may be ejected from the facility.


A part of the philosophy of RecWell is that sportsmanship is vital to the success of each and every program we offer to the university community. Game officials have been granted sole authority to make decisions to warn, penalize, or eject participants for acts of poor sportsmanship. All ejected participants must report to the RecWell Office before their next scheduled game. Players are responsible for their actions both on and off the field in regards to intramural employees. Individuals that violate this policy will have their case turned over to the Student Conduct Board. Teams/ individuals which continually exhibit acts of poor sportsmanship will be removed from that activity.

Sportsmanship System

The Sportsmanship Rating System is intended to be an objective scale by which teams’ attitude and behavior can be assessed throughout the Intramural season. Behavior before, during, and after an Intramural contest is included in the rating. The team captain is responsible for educating and informing all players and spectators affiliated with his/her team about the system.

Each team in each contest shall be rated by the officials. The authority of the officials’ ratings exists prior to, during, and following all contests to which that official is assigned, and extends to all persons on, at, or near the playing site. Sportsmanship ratings shall be marked on the score sheet.

In all cases, Intramural managers or administrative staff may provide input which may raise or lower the rating. Officials have been instructed not to comment to teams about ratings.

Grading Scale

Outstanding sportsmanship – 4

Players and spectators cooperate fully with the officials about rule interpretations and calls. The captain has full control of his/her teammates, fans, and bench. Team members and spectators were respectful of opponents with no dissension shown whatsoever.

Good Sportsmanship – 3

Team members verbally complain about some decisions made the officials and/or show minor dissension, which does not merit an unsportsmanlike penalty. Teams and spectators are respectful of opponents with only minor incidents.

Below Average Sportsmanship – 2

Team members show verbal dissent (yelling, questioning calls, etc.) towards officials and are disrespectful towards opponents and officials on a number of occasions. The team captain shows minor control over himself/herself and his/her teammates and spectators. Teams that receive an unsportsmanlike penalty will automatically at most receive a 2.5.

Poor Sportsmanship – 1

Team members and spectators related to that team persistently question and complain to officials and constantly comment to opposing players. The team captain exhibits little or no control over himself/herself and his/her teammates and spectators. Players are verbally abusive and cannot calm themselves down. Teams that have an ejection from the game will automatically receive a 1.

Season Ending Sportsmanship – 0

Team member are completely uncooperative and are out of control. Multiple ejections or blatant unsportsmanlike conduct has occurred. Captain has no control of himself/herself and his/her teammates. Any team that receives a 0 for a contest will must have their captain meet with the Intramural Sports Coordinator to determine the eligibility status of their team. The team will not be allowed to play and will forfeit each contest until that meeting occurs.