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UNF Intramural Sports Handbook Game Time Information

Attire Policy

Each participant must wear attire that can be both defined and described as athletic in nature. This is for your protection, as well as that of the other participants. In sport specific cases, as defined by the rules or described by staff, the athletic attire must be “without pockets” of any kind, shape or form. Jeans are not considered athletic attire.

Each participant is also required to wear proper or appropriate footwear for play. For indoor activities, they must be non-marking court shoes. For outdoor activities, cleats may be worn provided they are rubber molded. Metal, metal tipped, spikes, screw in cleats, or cleats with ceramic exposed are prohibited.

If the use of an orthopedic device or cast is essential to protect an injury, the participant must obtain prior approval from the Intramural Coordinator.

Jewelry Policy

No jewelry may be worn by any participant during an intramural activity. All participants are expected to remove all jewelry prior to the start of the contest. Furthermore, the officials and managers on duty have the authority to disallow any participant from participating which they feel would endanger the person wearing the jewelry or his/her opponents. This is a safety rule, and applies to any and all jewelry. No exceptions will be made for jewelry that is intended to be permanent or not removable for any reason. Jewelry includes rings, necklaces, studs, watches, bracelets etc. Medical bracelets are permitted but they must be taped down. Taping of jewelry is not permitted! 


Each individual participating in any UNF Intramural Sport will be provided with the proper equipment that is needed that specific game. It is your responsibility to provide your own ball for football, soccer, and basketball. Softball participants must also provided their own gloves and bats provided they meet the ASA standard. Upon the conclusion of your game please return all equipment that was used back to the intramural supervisors or the designated area for this equipment.


All rule interpretation protests must be made by the protesting team's captain in the presence of the officials, supervisors, and opposing team's captain at the time and place of the incident. The protest must be made immediately, before the ball becomes live, following the incident. If a resolution is not accomplished at this time, the Intramural Sports staff will be called at the earliest time for a meeting to rule on the protest. Protests may be filed only on misinterpretation of the rules or on player eligibility. No protest will be accepted on the judgment call of an official. Teams who wish to protest the eligibility of a player must come to the RecWell Office and fill out a protest form. It is the responsibility of all intramural teams to monitor the eligibility of their team as well as their opponents. During regular season play, all contests in which an ineligible player participated will be recorded as a forfeit win for the opposing team. During the playoffs, the last contest in which the ineligible player participated shall be recorded as a forfeit win for the opposing team. The playoff bracket will not be reorganized.