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UNF Intramural Sports Handbook Captains Responsibilities

Main responsibilities

The captain is responsible to inform his/her team of the rules governing the specific activities, as well as the time and place they will play their games. Captains will be held responsible for the behavior of teammates and spectators. Prior to game time, the captain is responsible for ensuring that all players have signed in with the Intramural Sports Supervisor (all players should check in with a valid UNF Osprey 1card prior to their scheduled game time). Captains are urged to notify all players and fans that alcohol, tobacco and other illegal substances are prohibited on all Intramural playing sites and that no one is allowed to participate while under the influence of said substances.


The team captain will serve as the liaison between the Intramural Sports staff and his/her team. Matters concerning the team are communicated to the team captain and he/she in turn is responsible for disseminating the information out to each team member.


Information sent out by the Intramural Office should be read with care and followed with appropriate action(s). Each captain should also see that the members of his/her team are given the opportunity to read and interpret all pertinent communication. The captain is not required to attend every game

Additional responsbilities

The captain is also responsible for:

  • Reviewing the Intramural Handbook
  • Checking the eligibility of all team members
  • Completing the registration procedures for the team
  • Reviewing the sport rules
  • Ensuring that team members understand and comply with all sport rules and Intramural policies and procedures
  • Notifying his/her team members of the date, place, and time of each scheduled contest
  • Verifying that all team members have signed in with the Supervisor on-site
  • Serving as the on-court or on-field liaison between the officials and his/her team if in attendance