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Flowers in the garden

Garden Tours & Workshops

Our garden tours start at 9 AM every Friday during the semester, depending on weather. Anyone can attend the free hour long tour! Come learn how and what we grow!.



Spring 2020 Workshops

Learn more about the Ogier Gardens and how to maintain your own gardens through our workshops. Workshops are free for UNF students, staff and the general public. 

Intro to Organic Gardening

Home gardening can improve your health, save you money, and increase your food security. Learn the basics to starting your own garden with the Ogier Gardens Coordinator, Kevin Anderson.

  • January 22, 12 PM-1 PM
  • February 5, 12 PM-1 PM
  • March 4 10 AM-11 AM
  • April 10, 10-11 AM

Compost 101

A rind is a terrible thing to waste! Come learn how to set up and maintain your own composting system to recycle your kitchen scraps and yard waste. Fight climate change and learn how to make black gold with the Ogier Gardens very own Compost Steward, Andre Brebion.

  • January 22, 1 PM-2 PM
  • February 21, 1 PM-2 PM
  • March 13, 1 PM-2 PM
  • April 10, 1 PM-2 PM

Herbal Tea @ Three

Come to our tea party and learn about how to dry and make your own fresh herbal teas from health educator and Ogier Gardens’ staff member Madison O’Toole.

  • January 17, 3 PM-5 PM
  • February 14, 3 PM-5 PM
  • March 27, 3 PM-5 PM
  • April 17, 3 PM-5 PM

Honey Bees and Beekeeping

Bees are critical for our food supply, yet more than 25% of the managed honey bee population has disappeared since 1990. Learn about beekeeping in North Florida from local expert, Greg Harris.

  • March 25, 4 PM-5 PM

Pick Your Own Ogier Garden Salad

Join us at the gardens for a garden tour where you get to harvest your own salad greens along the way. Campus Dining provides dressing and a wide range of delicious toppings. Join us for a lovely afternoon outside and a healthy lunch!

  • March 6, 11 AM-12:30 PM

Mushroom Log Inoculation

A hands on workshop, in the Student Union plaza during Market Day, where you will learn about edible mushroom production and assist in inoculating logs to expand the Gardens’ mushroom production.

  • March 11, 10 AM-1 PM

Eat For the Planet

Learn how to eat healthy with the lowest environmental footprint, examining food choices, and focusing on the web of people and processes vital to sustainable food production.

  • March 27, 11 AM-12 PM

Yoga in the Garden

  • March 27, 9 AM-10 AM
  • April 17, 9 AM-10 AM

Good Bug or Bad Bug?

Don’t squish it and then wish you hadn’t missed this workshop! Come learn about beneficial insects and pests in the garden. Some beneficials, like ladybugs, undergo complete metamorphosis and their larvae look nothing like their adult form.

  • February 26, 10 AM-11 AM
  • March 25, 10 AM-11 AM

Osprey Spring Jamboree at the Ogier Gardens

Join us at the Ogier Gardens for our 4th annual Garden Olympics! The jamboree includes a series of competitive events using common garden tools for a chance to win awesome prizes! There will also be an interactive therapy animal exhibit, garden tours, games, refreshments and lunch provided.

  • April 3, 12 PM-4 PM