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Man Squatting

Weightlifting Competition

The UNF Weightlifting Competition takes place each fall semester at the Student Wellness Complex. The competition is comprised of a men's division and a women's division where participants will compete in squat and bench press. The winner will have the highest ratio of relative strength after 3 attempts of their heaviest lift. So join us and challenge yourself and most importantly have fun!


General Info for Fall 2021

Date: Friday, November 5, 2021

Time: 10 AM-2:30 PM

Location: Student Wellness Complex (2nd floor) Dottie Dorion Fitness Center

Who can participate? UNF Students with a valid Osprey 1 card

Bench Press and Squat

Order: Bench then squat. You must compete in both.


How does it work? Competitors will get 3 attempts at both lifts to lift as much as you can for 1 repetition (1RM).


How are winners determined? The winners are determined by the highest ratio of weight lifted to their body weight. (For example, if you weigh 100 lbs and lift 150 lbs, your ratio is 1.5. If you weigh 100 lbs and you lift 130 lbs, your ratio is 1.3)


Competition Schedule: 

10:00am-10:15am: Check-in & weigh-in

10:15am-10:30am: Competition rules, demonstrations, and groupings

10:30am-10:45/11:00am: Bench press warm-up

10:45/11:00am: First lift


After all competitors complete 3 bench press lifts, we will begin demonstration & instruction for squat. There will be a separate squat warm-up time.



  • Weigh-ins must be done at the Dottie Dorion Fitness Center by a member of the fitness staff.
  • Participants can weigh-in up to 48 hours before the competition:
    • Early weigh-in will be November 3-4.
    • Otherwise, participants need to weigh-in the morning of the competition at 10am.
  • Weight will be rounded to the nearest 1/2 lb. You may weigh-in with your shoes off, but shirts must remain on.

What are the rules?

  • You are allowed to use knee wraps, wrist wraps, and belts. No squat suits or bench shirts are permitted.
  • You must tuck your shirt in during the competition.
  • You cannot ask the scorekeeper questions during the competition.
  • You are allowed 3 attempts for each lift. If you fail on an attempt, you are allowed to decrease the weight on the next attempt.
  • On both lifts, the lifter will have approximately one minute to begin the lift.
  • Once the lifter is signaled that the lift is complete, the lifter must initiate racking the weight before spotters are allowed to assist.
  • The "clap method" will be used for the bench press.
    • See "Proper form for Bench Press" for specifics.
  • After you weigh in, or prior to the rules meeting, we will ask you what your "opening attempt" is for the first lift. This will set the order of lifters. The order of lifters for the first round will be the same for round 2 and 3.

Proper form for Bench Press

  1. Lifter will lift the weight or have spotter lift and steady it from the rack.
  2. When the bar is steady, [1st clap] the lifter lowers it to the chest and steadies it.
  3. Lifter must pause bar and wait for signal [2nd clap] from head judge before pressing the weight.
  4. Lifter must wait for signal [3rd clap] from head judge before racking weight.
  5. Feet must be flat on the ground (cannot rise on toes) with no movement after lift has begun.
  6. Glutes must be in contact with bench at all times.
  7. The use of the reverse grip or thumb-less grip is forbidden.
  8. Any downward movement of the bar during the ascent will result in dead call.
  9. Full extension of the arms must be made.
  10. A 'dead' call from any of the judges determines a failed lift.

Proper form for Squat

  1. Lifter walks out with the weight (staying within the squat rack side rails). Once steady, Feet must be planted with no movement until the end of the squat.
  2. Lifter descends to a depth of "parallel" (Depth of squat…knee aligned with hip).
  3. Lifter lifts to full standing position.
  4. Lifter racks weight.
  5. No double bouncing at the bottom of the lift or downward movement during ascent
  6. Majority decision from 3 judges will determine whether the lift was good or bad.

Sign-up Procedure:

Registration now open!


If you are interested in competing, simply follow these steps below:


Tell a Fitness Trainer that you are interested in competing. At this time, feel free to ask the fitness trainer any questions you may have, or read the informational sheet located at the front desk on the second floor.


The Fitness Trainer will ask you to fill out a weightlifting competition registration packet. This packet will include a waiver, registration document, and competition rules and policies.


Contact:  with any questions.


Fall 2019 Results


Men's Bench Press
Position Name Bench Press Body Weight Ratio
First Place Nathan McClintock 355 172 2.06
Second Place Noah Dancu 290 172 1.69
Third Place Sam Colasanti 280 167 1.68


Men's Squat
Position Name Squat Body Weight Ratio
First Place Joshua Taylor 410 168 2.44
Second Place Sam Colasanti 405 167 2.43
Third Place Stephen Sarama 405 174 2.328
Third Place Skyler Stites 405 174 2.328



Women's Bench Press
Position Name Bench Press Body Weight Ratio
First Place Faith Martin 100 131 0.76
Second Place Riley Holahan 105 156 0.67
Third Place Kristian Jackson 110 234 0.47



Women's Squat
Position Name Squat Body Weight Ratio
First Place Faith Martin 225 131 1.72
Second Place Riley Holahan 205 156 1.31
Third Place Kristian Jackson 250 234 1.08


Overall Female Champions
Position Name Total Weight Lifted Average Ratio
First Place Faith Martin 325 1.24
Second Place Riley Holahan 310 0.99
Third Place  Kristian Jackson 360 0.78


Overall Male Champions
Position Name Total Weight Lifted Average Ratio
First Place Nathan McClintock 755 2.19
Second Place Sam Colasanti 685 2.05
Third Place Joshua Taylor 645 1.92