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weights of multiple colors

Free Intro Workouts

Ask a Fitness Trainer, or call 620-2853 to schedule an appointment!


Prepare to work out during these sessions:

Novice Workout: Learn the basics.

In about an hour we will teach you how to work out safely and efficiently in the cozy corner. You will learn how to properly warm up, stretch, and use our 10-piece Nautilus One weight machine circuit.

Interval and Bodyweight Training: Workout Anywhere.

We will spend about 45 minutes teaching you 10 or more basic and functional exercises that can be used for timed interval training.  We will incorporate a mixture of excercises with minimal equipment and also bodyweight exercises.  These basic exercises can be modified to meet all fitness levels.

Free Weight Workout: Take your training to the next level.

In one or two 60 minute sessions we will create a custom workout for you using a combination of free-weights, plate loaded machines, functional exercises, and machines. 

  • Learn new exercises, understand programming, and master form for: 
    • Upper body
    • Lower body