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Student climbing a cliff

Gear Check-out & Adventure Trips

Gear Check-Out

It is one of the few student outdoor gear check-out programs in the country that is free of cost. It also takes pride in its close relationship and services to the customer helping them find and plan their next adventure.

Hours and Location

Gear checkout will be closed until further notice due to COVID19. Lake Oneida and gear return both close at 4:30 PM.  Closed during observed UNF holidays and intersession.


Eco Adventure and the John M. Golden Education Pavilion are located in Building 54/Lot 100, next to parking services.


Check-out Policies

  • Student must be a currently enrolled student
  • Students are limited to one canoe, paddleboard (Lake Oneida only) or kayak per ID.
  • Items can be rented for week. Within that week the student may renew the gear if they bring the gear back along with their ID to extend their checkout. Anytime beyond those two weeks items are subject to late fees.
  • Any and all damages must be noted prior to check-out
  • All equipment must be returned during regular operating hours and in person by the person that rented the gear. Any equipment returned or left at the rental counter during non-operating hours will not be returned and late fees will accumulate until the equipment is returned in person and during operating hours.

Late Charges

  • All late fees will be charged on student's MyWings accounts.
  • Late Fees are $10.00 per day per items checked out.
  • If Fees exceed 10 working days or total worth of equipment is established in late fees, the total amount for the gear will be charged to the respective myWings account

Cleaning Charges

  • Returned items are expected reasonably clean and dry
  • Do not wash or dry sleeping bags

Adventure Trips

Eco Adventure leaders plan and lead overnight and day wilderness trips which feature activities such as hiking, climbing, kayaking, skiing and white water rafting. To sign up, visit us at Market Day or stop by Eco Adventure. 

Fall trips have been cancelled due to COVID19.


Trips subject to cancellation due to inclement weather or low participation


For more information on Gear Checkout or Adventure Trips, call us at (904) 620-5951. You can also visit our Facebook page for upcoming events.