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UNF RecWell Employee Manual Employee Agreement

Employee Agreement

Student employees serve a vital role in the daily operations of the Department of Recreation and Wellness.  Many patrons evaluate their experience based on interactions they have with the staff.  Therefore, it is critical that the staff carry out their duties with the utmost efficiency and courtesy.  A RecWell staff member must be a responsible, well-trained individual who is eager to offer assistance to participants by influencing a healthy lifestyle.

New-Hire Probationary Period

All staff will be hired under a probationary period.  The “probation” lasts 4 weeks after the first day of work.  During this time, the staff will be evaluated.  Upon receiving a “passing” evaluation, the employee will remain employed.  If the employee does not pass, the employee’s employment will be ‘suspended’.

Semester Employment

All part-time staff members are employed on a semester basis.  Employees are expected to honor their job commitment for the entire semester.  The manager decides if a staff member’s employment will be renewed for the following semester.


The most important characteristic of a successful RecWell employee is his/her attitude towards the job responsibility and towards the participants.  All employees should exhibit a positive attitude, a high level of enthusiasm, and a genuine interest in each participant’s safety, health, wellness, and enjoyment of our programming.  Your dealings with our patrons and co-workers should always be professional. 

Respect toward Management & RecWell Resources

You will be expected to give respect to management in all areas of RecWell. You will be expected to be respectful of RecWell resources.  As a staff member, you have access to facilities and equipment within the department.  You are expected to only access facilities (rooms and spaces) that pertain to your job scope while on duty. You are expected to only use equipment that you are trained to use within the scope of your position and while on duty.  Access to any RecWell facility outside of operating hours should only be done with supervisor permission. Under no circumstances should a RecWell staff member bring a non-staff member into staff spaces or areas otherwise limited to RecWell staff, or into a facility during non-operational hours.  Any occurrences of disrespect in the spirit of this policy could result in disciplinary action.

UNF Property: Key and Shirt

If you are issued a UNF Intelikey, you are responsible for the key.  If it is lost, stolen, or if you do not return it upon completion of your employment, you will be responsible for the $40 fee.

If your program area issues staff uniforms, you will be required to turn it in upon completion of your employment.

Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco

As an employee of RecWell, you are NOT allowed at any time to possess any drugs, alcohol, or tobacco (including e-cigarettes and chewing tobacco) while you are at work. Nor are you allowed to be under the influence of any drugs, alcohol, or tobacco while you are at work. Note: being "under the influence" also includes being hungover.


Being under the influence of any of these while at work is unsafe and you will not be able to perform your best. If you are caught with any of these, you will be sent home and disciplinary action will follow.


Violation of this policy is grounds for termination.

Grounds for Immediate Dismissal

  • Disrespectful conduct toward your direct management team or any other area of the RecWell Department.
  • Sleeping while on duty (head on desk is considered sleeping).
  • Recording false information on the time sheet or time card.
  • Charged or conviction of a student conduct violation.

Your program area may include additional grounds.

Grounds for dismissal or discipline

  • Not informing a supervisor of a substitute need and leaving a shift uncovered.
  • Unexcused absence from work.
  • Persistent tardiness.
  • Missing a mandatory meeting without prior notification to a supervisor.
  • Poor attitude.
  • Failure to provide adequate surveillance of users.
  • Creating a disruption to staff unity and morale.
  • Failure to provide a safe environment.

Your program area may include additional grounds.

Disciplinary Procedures

If you are involved in an employee infraction, the manager will schedule a meeting with you to discuss the issue.  If it is a serious infraction, you will be suspended until further notice.


If you behave in such a way that warrants discipline, you will be given 2 chances to improve your behavior.

  1. 1st infraction – Verbal warning
  2. 2nd infraction – Verbal and/or Written warning.  You will be asked to read and sign your warning.
  3. 3rd infraction – Termination of Employment.


Students will submit their time by logging into their MyWings account. Once you’ve opened your time sheet, you will submit how many hours you worked on the given day that you worked. Time sheets are to be submitted by Friday at 12 PM every other week. Failure to meet submittal deadlines may result in a delay in your pay.


Falsely submitting time on your time sheet will result in disciplinary action and is grounds for termination.


I attest that I have thoroughly read and understand these policies.  I agree to uphold all rules, policies, and procedures.  I understand that failure to do so may result in my dismissal from the staff.


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