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Recreation & Wellness COVID Information

Welcome back, Ospreys! We all have a shared responsibility to take care of ourselves and those around us. 


Stop! Stay home if:


  • you are sick
  • you have a fever
  • you have any flu-like symptoms
  • someone in your household is sick
  • you have allergies and can't control sneezing or coughing


RecWell staff members have the right to refuse service to anyone exhibiting these symptoms or not following facility guidelines. For anyone exhibiting symptoms, they will be referred to UNF Student Health Services.


General Guidelines for Safe Participation in any RecWell Facility or Program

  • A COVID-Agreement is required to be signed prior to participation.
  • Temperature checks may be used as a screening for facility or program use. If used, anyone with a reading of 100.4 F or higher will be denied access and referred to Student Health Services.
  • Masks are required at all times per University guidelines. A proper fitting face mask covers the mouth and nose. Note: Bandana face coverings will not be recognized as effective for the intended purpose.
  • Practice social distancing at all times by maintaining a distance of at least six feet from other students and employees if at all possible.
  • Wash your hands before and after you leave RecWell facilities or program areas. If it is not possible to wash your hands, use hand sanitizing stations that will be placed throughout RecWell areas.


Student Wellness Complex

Modified Hours of Operation for Phase 1 Re-Opening:

Mondays - Fridays 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM*


Facility will close for a 1-hour cleaning each day at 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM, 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM. All participants will be expected to leave the building. Announcements will be made in advance.

*hours are subject to change

Changes to Expect as RecWell Strives to Maintain a Safe and Healthy Environment for All

  • There will be a maximum capacity of 134, per exercise period, during the first phase of re-opening.
  • Access is available to currently enrolled UNF students, full-time faculty & staff and current members. New memberships and guests are not permitted during phase 1 re-opening.
  •  Wipe down each piece of equipment before and after you use it, using a fresh wipe each time, and dispose of wipes appropriately.
  • Exercise hours are limited initially to allow for cleaning periods. All participants are to clear the facility during the cleaning period. Re-entry is not guaranteed, depending on capacity.
  • Limit the items you touch within the gym to only the items you will use and avoid touching other personal items that are not easily cleaned.
  • Equipment has been moved (and some marked as closed) to promote proper distancing.
  • Locker rooms will have limited use during the re-opening phase. Showers, rental lockers and daily lockers will not be available. Participants are encouraged to come dressed for the activity and leave as such to minimize contact and time in the facility.
  • The RecWell Business Office will be closed to visitors without appointment. Please email to schedule an appointment.
  • Requests to reserve space by Registered Student Organizations (RSO) will not be available during the re-opening phase. This includes request for rooms in the Field House and Student Wellness Complex, as well as field use.
  • Individual or small group tours will not be available by RecWell staff members during the re-opening phase.
  • Dietitian services will be available remotely. Schedule a virtual appointment today!


Field House and Competitive Sports

Modified Hours of Operation for Phase 1 Re-Opening:

Mondays - Fridays 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM*


*hours are subject to change

Changes to Expect as RecWell Strives to Maintain a Safe and Healthy Environment for All

  • Access is available to currently enrolled UNF students and full-time faculty & staff. Guests are not permitted during phase 1 re-opening.
  • Open-rec play is limited to individual sports and activities. No team sports allowed at this time. Social distancing is key.
  • The outdoor sand volleyball and basketball courts adjacent to the Field House will be closed due to construction in the area.
  • Requests for the Coop Sand Volleyball Complex can be submitted for review. Please note that additional screenings are in place before group activities may be approved.


Intramural Sports

Modified Hours of Operation for Phase 1 Re-Opening: 

Tuesdays: Disc Golf, North Field, 7:30 PM

Wednesdays: HORSE, Field House, 7:30 PM

Thursdays: Home Run Derby, North Field, 7:30 PM


*hours are subject to change

Visit Intramurals page to register.

Changes to Expect as RecWell Strives to Maintain a Safe and Healthy Environment for All

  • Intramural programming for the 2020 fall semester will focus on sports and activities that promote social distancing.
  • The focus will be on participation and safe play. The team environment will be more fluid to support social distancing.
  • Outdoor sports will be limited to 50.


Club Sports

Check the Club Sports page for updated participation information. 

Changes to Expect as RecWell Strives to Maintain a Safe and Healthy Environment for All


  • Team participants should expect to use the UNF self-screen app prior to participation in practices.
  • All RSO requirements for eligibility must be met according to UNF Student Involvement Center.
  •  Minimize shared equipment and plan to routinely disinfect equipment.
  •  Support university requirements to limit outdoor activities to 50 or fewer and indoor activities to 25 or fewer. Groups over 50 require pre-approval by RecWell leadership.
  • All clubs intending to participate on or off campus for the 2020 fall semester will need to submit a "Return to Play Plan" that will be provided by RecWell. This plan will be reviewed as a new approval process to ensure that clubs are taking proper COVID considerations for the health and safety of their team.


Eco Adventure

Osprey Challenge Course Modified Programming for Phase 1 Re-Opening:

  • Group sizes limited to no more than 50. All groups will split into smaller groups of 10.
  • Programs offered:
    • Low challenge course and team building (2-3 hours in length)
      • Excludes “hard elements” such as whale watchers and mo-hawk walk. These elements require close contact and are not suitable.
      • Includes activities that require substantial communication and teamwork.
    • Low challenges and nature hike (2-3 hours in length)
      • A slimmed down low challenge course that utilizes our nature trails to provide breaks between team building and moments to reflect.


    Ogier Gardens

    Modified Hours of Operation for Phase 1 Re-Opening:

    Tuesdays, 8 AM - 11 AM
    Wednesdays & Fridays, 8 AM - 11 AM and 4 PM - 8 PM*


    *Weather permitting. Hours are subject to change

    Student Wellness Complex FAQs

    Eco Adventure FAQs