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UNF Club Sports Handbook Risk Management

Participation in Club Sports is strictly voluntary. Each member assumes responsibility for injuries that may take place in an activity. The University does not provide club members with accident insurance and in no shape or form be held responsible for injuries that occur through their voluntary participation. It is highly recommended that members carry personal medical insurance especially when participating in contact, strenuous, or high injury risk activities.


All club sport members are required to sign an Acknowledgment, Indemnity, Waiver and Release of Liability prior to any participation in any club activity on or off campus. If a club member is under the age of l8 a parent or guardian must sign the form as well. It will be the responsibility of the club President to ensure that any new members joining must sign and turn in these waivers prior to any participation in club activities. Failure to do so could result in civil liability. Field and Facility use will not be granted until all members sign a waiver.

Participation Modifications Due to COVID-19

A RecWell COVID Agreement will be an additional required form to complete (similar to the annual release form) as part of required team paperwork.


No indoor rooms will be available in the Student Wellness Complex or Field House. 


Clubs are expected to follow university requirements (detailed below): wear a face mask, practice social distancing, limit gatherings. Coaches or volunteers are expected to follow these as well.


A Return to Play Plan must be submitted and approved prior to participation being approved this year. A Club Sports Monitor will check on team practices to ensure safety measures are being practiced by each team.


The university has suspended travel and funding will not be available.


Due to the challenges in managing limited gatherings, social distancing, and proper disinfection of equipment, participation will be limited to practices – no home games will be hosted on campus. 

The RecWell tennis courts will be offline due to the swimming pool construction project.  Use of athletic courts is pending.



Above modifications will be reviewed periodically and are subject to change based on the evolving environment.


Current UNF guidelines (as of 7.20.20) available online. These include:


Wear a face mask: To protect the health and safety of the Osprey community, all faculty, staff, students and anyone else on UNF’s campus must wear a mask in all indoor and outdoor areas at all times. (via the June 25 update).


Social Distancing: Put six feet of distance between yourself and other people when outside your home, and avoid close contact with people who are sick inside your home.


Limit Gatherings : Engagements and gatherings will be limited to 25 students or less in indoor spaces and 50 or less at outdoor venues if space is large enough to accommodate six feet of distance between participants and masks are worn.

Club Sports Monitor to Support COVID-19 Modifications

A Club Sports Monitor, a staff member of RecWell, will be assigned to on campus practices to support coronavirus related modifications. Their role is to support a safe return to play. They report to the Coordinator for Club Sports.


These will be conducted by the Club Sports Monitor before each practice may begin:


Temperature check . Any participant registering greater than 100.4F will be instructed to leave the area and referred to Student Health for further assistance.

Show Daily Self Screening .  Use the Safe Osprey ap to complete your Daily Self Screening before each practice.  Show your phone screen to the Club Sports Monitor.

Roster Check . Team officer(s) must have a roster or sign-in sheet with “today’s date” on it at each practice as a means to record who attended.  This should be retained and filed by the team.  If a teammate tests positive for COVID-19, this sheet may be requested by the university’s contact tracing team. No roster at practice = no practice.

Face masks . Per university mandate, face masks are to be worn on campus including outdoors. No face mask = no practice.


This will be observed during practice:


Social Distancing . Activities, skills, drills at practice must reinforce social distancing.  No social distancing = no practice.




Return to Play Plan . The Club Sports Monitor will have the Return to Play Plan for each sport for reference of any other pertinent information that supports a safe playing environment.


Club Sports Safety Protocol Management  

Each team should be familiar with this response plan should violations to the safety policy be observed by the Club Sports Monitor or other RecWell Staff member:  

  • 1 st   Offense =  warning RecWell  Staff member informs of violation ( i .e. not wearing face mask or improperly wearing it; not social distancing) and gives opportunity to correct right then.  
  • 2 nd   Offense =  probation RecWell  Staff member  informs of violation and gives opportunity to correct.  Informs that they are now on probation and if 1 more incident occurs, they will be suspended & reported for a COVID violation.   Documentation of incident(s) will be sent to Office of Student Accountability & Resolution for documentation and Formal University Warning.
    • The team at this point could receive a warning.  
  • 3 rd   Offense =  suspension RecWell  Staff member  informs of violation and that this is the 3 rd  occurrence and results in suspension from team practice for rest of semester and that a COVID Violations Report will be submitted which could result in  Office of Student Accountability & Resolution  measures.  The  Office of Student Accountability & Resolution would then address  the  incident through  the  formal conduct process .  
    • The team at this point could be put on probation.   If multi teammates are going through above process, the team may be suspended.  

Outdoor Sports Weather & Field Use Policy

Thunder and Lightning Policy

Once you hear thunder and or see lightning, you must seek shelter until 30 minutes from the last sound of thunder and or vision of lightning. When you first see lightning or hear thunder, that is the time to take action.  Go to a building or a vehicle. Lightning often precedes rain, so don’t wait for the rain to begin before suspending activities. Club teams are expected to adhere to this policy independently.

Weather Delay

The Department of Recreation and Wellness reserves the right to determine safety of the playing field based on weather.  Club Sports teams are expected to adhere to the Thunder and Lightning Policy.  Teams are also to understand that periods of heavy rain may soak the playing field enough to make it hazardous both for the players and for the care of the field.  RecWell administration reserves the right to cancel field use based on assessing weather impact to player safety or field care.


The Department of Recreation and Wellness recommends that each club designate an individual as a "safety officer" to oversee safety issues dealing with the club. It is also recommended that each club have several of its member certified in First Aid/CPR and information for these classes can be obtained from the club sport coordinator. If a club is traveling for an away event it should be the safety officer's responsibility to learn the procedures of the host campus/ site. Here at UNF, Club Sports safety is a priority and it's the responsibility of the officers and advisors to ensure that every possible precaution is taken.


  • Clubs must report all injuries to the Club Sport Coordinator whether the injury or accident took place at home or away and/or in traveling to and from. An incident report form must be filed with the Department of Recreation and Wellness.
  • It is the clubs responsibility to abide by all national, state and local safety regulations as well as normal safety procedures.
  • Proper inspection of equipment should be conducted prior to use to ensure safe standards and to identify possible safety hazards. Any improper equipment must be reported to the Club Sport Coordinator so the proper actions can be taken.
  • Some of our clubs have the right to have members pass tests for swimming, sailing, scuba or other related standards to ensure members are safe to engage in club activities. It will be the President who enforces this requirement.
  • In the case of inclement or severe weather issues, the club sport coordinator or other representatives of Recreation and Wellness due have the right to halt or cancel practices/games in order to ensure the safety of the clubs and spectators.


With the growing concern on concussions in sport activities, if an individual exhibits the following symptoms he/she must be removed from activity and shall not return until cleared by a medical professional.


  • Headache or a feeling of pressure in the head
  • Temporary loss of consciousness
  • Confusion or feeling as if in a fog
  • Amnesia surrounding the traumatic event
  • Dizziness or "seeing stars"
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Slurred speech
  • Fatigue


*For Minor injuries each team should have a first aid kit and ice on site. If assigned a game day supervisor, ice and first aid will be assigned.

*For Emergencies please follow the following procedures.

Emergency Procedures

In case of an emergency please conduct the following steps:


  • Assess the situation: Is the situation a true emergency?
  • Be in command of the situation: The advisor, president or highest-ranking officer or staff person needs to take charge. This individual will be responsible for contacting certain personnel and keeping a detailed record of every action taken by documenting duties, times, actions taken, people involved, etc.
  • Dial 911: If it's a true emergency the first call should always be to the emergency number, 9l1. Also, do not hesitate to contact UNF police at (904) 620-2800.
  • Provide Care: Care for the victim(s) only if you are properly trained and currently certified or find someone that is.
  • Assemble all participants: Assemble individuals at the event and explain the steps to be taken. Ask them to halt all activity at the scene until the situation has been resolved, and to make NO statements to anyone other than appropriate University or Police officials.
  • Contact the Club Sport Coordinator and Club Advisor: A complete report of any situation where emergency or crises procedures have been used must be filed with the Coordinator in the Recreation and Wellness Department.
  • News Media: Never say "no comment" to a representative of the news media. Indicate that a statement will be made at a later time when more information is available. This includes UNF media like the Spinnaker.
*In the event of an injury, an incident report must be completed and filed with Recreation and Wellness as soon as possible after it occurs.