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UNF Club Sports Handbook Conduct


Sport Clubs should be aware of the image that they portray to not only students at UNF but also the general community. Not only do they represent themselves but they represent the Club Sport program and University of North Florida. If a club is discovered to engage in inappropriate behavior the proper measures will be taken. Examples of these behaviors are but not limited to alcohol consumption, hazing, lewd acts, etc... Sport Clubs are also responsible for the imagery and perception they reveal to the public via social networks or other websites. Do remember that once it is online it is then public for everyone and anyone to see.


If an incident were to happen where the UNF Police Department or other law agencies are to intervene it is the full responsibility of the club to cooperate to the fullest extent. Each club will also be responsible for all guests who take part as participants and/or spectators.


Club sports must adhere to the Universities' policy on Hazing. As per the University policy, Hazing is defined by the University as: "any group or individual action or activity which recklessly or intentionally inflicts or intends to inflict physical or mental harm or discomfort, or which may demean, disgrace, or degrade any person, regardless of location, intent, or consent of participant(s)". The following is a list of examples but not limited to: pressuring or coercing a student into violating state or federal law; any action that intentionally or recklessly causes physical or mental harm, such as beating, branding, forced physical activity or exposure to the elements, or forced consumption of alcohol or any other substance. Hazing is a criminal offense in Florida, and UNF shares the national concern over the negative effects of hazing on the campus environment. The University will take strong and swift action against any instances of hazing, and will refer to local or state authorities for criminal prosecution whenever appropriate. If Hazing occurs please use the following contacts to report the incident:

  • Office of the Vice President for Student and International Affairs: (904) 620-2600
  • Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life: (904) 620-2975
  • University Police Department: (904) 620-2800
  • Club Sports Coordinator: (904) 620-5107

Alcohol/Drug Policy

Alcohol or drug uses are not permitted in any Recreation and Wellness facility, field, or club sport event. For the purposes of this policy, the following definitions (as per Florida Statutes) shall apply:

  • Alcohol (or alcoholic beverage): means distilled spirits and any beverage containing 0.5 percent or more alcohol by volume.
  • Illicit Drug: means a controlled substance or "designer d-g" under provisions of Chapter 893, Florida Statutes.

It will be the club's responsibility to monitor all participants and spectator and club events to ensure that drugs and alcohol are not present. Transporting and/or consuming alcohol/drugs on a club sport trip are also prohibited. Failure to adhere to these policies could result in loss of club sport privileges and/or the club's affiliation with the University of North Florida's Recreation and Wellness Department.


*Each Club is a representative of the University of North Florida and will abide by all bylaws and code of conduct as described in the University Handbook. Failure to do so will result in the appropriate disciplinary action accordingly.


*When clubs travel they must adhere to these policies and are also responsible for obeying to other University Policies. Clubs are to be respectful and provide a good image for our University when taking part in competition elsewhere.