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UNF Club Sports Handbook Membership Information


Any current A&S Fee paying student enrolled at the University of North Florida is eligible to participate in student organizations as a 'general member'. An exception is UNF chapters of national organizations, which state in their national constitutions that membership is "lifetime" and/or open to chapter alumni. In such cases, all officers of the local chapter must be currently enrolled A&S Fee paying UNF students and a copy of the national constitution must be present in the RSO's file in Club Alliance. RSOs may not restrict membership in any other level including but not limited to GPA, dues and volunteer hours. No otherwise-eligible student may be denied membership on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, parental status, disability or any combination thereof. Student organizations that wish to include non-students in any of their activities may generally do so, with non-students being considered "guests." Guests are not automatically entitled to privileges granted to members. At times, there may be certain restrictions or requirement placed on guests, as determined by Student Government. Constitution information and sample may be obtained from Student Involvement Center and on their website.


Club Sports Teams granted use of Recreation and Wellness facilities or fields are subject to the policies and rules for use of these areas.  Scheduled use of RecWell facilities or fields requires a signed reservation agreement. Additionally, use of the Student Wellness Complex and RecWell fields require participants to be A&S Fee paying students currently enrolled in UNF courses, waivers to be signed by team members and on file with RecWell.  The Student Wellness Complex requires OspreyID swipe-in to validate access.  Teams using fields may be randomly checked to validate participants. 

Outline of Club Organization & Duties

  • It should be noted that the following duties for each position are simply suggestions and that clubs may specific on their own behalf.
  • All officers need to be currently enrolled A&S fee paying students at the
  • University of North Florida.


The president serves as the chief officer to the club sport. He or She will be the primary contact pertaining to anything related to the club sport.

  • The President is ultimately responsible to ensure that all duties are properly allocated and are completed in a timely manner.
  • Responsible for organizing all general and special meetings.
  • Preside over meetings and make sure they are directed to meet the club's objectives.
  • Know and Understand the Club Sports Handbook and follow its policies.
  • Maintain consistent and adequate communication with the Club Sports Coordinator on the status of the club.
  • Attend all meetings held by the Club Sports Coordinator or Club Alliance or appoint an individual if not able to attend.
  • Attend Financial workshops held by Club Alliance or have someone attend for the club if not able too.
  • Ensure that the club remains in good standing with Club Alliance and all the necessary documentation is up to date.
  • Make sure every club member has signed and turned in a waiver into the Club Sports Office in order to participate.
  • Notify Club Sports Coordinator of changes in leadership.
  • Promote good sportsmanship on and off the field of play.
  • Implement proper disciplinary measure when necessary.
  • Submit facility requests by the proper deadlines.
  • Notify Club Sports Coordinator of travel, fund raising, or other actions planned to be performed by the club.
  • Check the club mailbox in club commons weekly.

Vice President

  • Assist the President and fill in when the President is not present.
  • Assist Club with scheduling games and special events.
  • Assist with travel (Transportation, Lodging, and Food)
  • Arrange for officials and field preparation when necessary.
  • Assist in the promotion of the best interest of the club.
  • Fulfill responsibilities as assigned by Club President or Club Sports Coordinator.


  • Attend financial workshop held by Club Alliance at the beginning of the semester.
  • Ensure that all club members have paid their dues if required.
  • Receive all money for the club and pay club's bills.
  • Responsible for all club purchases and must adhere to proper procedures.
  • Must keep all financial records of the club.
  • Prepare and make a current financial report (written and oral) at all club meetings.
  • Prepare a written summary of all financial transactions and balances at the last meeting of each semester and file the student government financial report.
  • Fulfill responsibilities as assigned by Club President or Club Sports Coordinator.


  • Shall record and read the minutes of all meetings.
  • Contact all members of club to remind them of upcoming meetings, events, tournament, etc.
  • Keep record of all Club Sport activities
  • Shall make a report of the work and accomplishments of the club each semester.
  • Circulate publicity and seek approval for flyers/publicity materials.
  • Fulfill responsibilities as assigned by Club President or Club Sports Coordinator.


Each club is required to have a full-time faculty or staff of the University to serve as an advisor to the club. It is requested that he or she have particular interest in the sport of the club. A good advisor will be able to contribute to the club by serving as a guide. They should allow the club to be self-organized, self-governed, and self-operated. It will be the responsibility of the advisor to provide the club with a mature judgment, educated advice, and insight into the Universities operation and policies. The following is a list of responsibilities of an advisor but is not limited:

  • Signing on all important Club Alliance, Student Government and Student Union forms.
  • Explaining relevant University policies to the organization.
  • Assisting the RSO when requested by either the general body or the officers.
  • Ensuring a safe environment for all of the club members and leadership.
  • Maintaining communication between them, the RSO and Club Alliance.

In order to replace an Advisor the following steps should be followed in order to make sure a good transition takes place:

  • Utilize the dismissal process outlined in your RSO's constitution
  • Inform the RSO's members
  • Inform the Advisor of the RSO's decision
  • Inform Club Alliance
  • e Find an Advisor based on the recommendations previously stated
  • Update the new Advisor's information with Club Alliance Leadership
  • Schedule a meeting between the club officers, former club Advisor and the new club Advisor to pass on valuable information and train the new Advisor

Coach/ Instructor

A coach or instructor is not required but clubs may seek the assistance of a(n) coach /instructor. This individual should be an experienced and knowledgeable person in the club's sport or activity. If a coach is to be used for the club then the club sport coordinator shall be notified of the selection. It should be noted that the use of funds provided by student government is not allowed to cover paying a(n) coach/instructor. It is important that the Coach realize that the Club is a student organization that must follow certain guidelines and that he/she should refrain from activities involved in the club's management. The Coach/Instructor will plan and oversee safe instruction and training for various skill levels to be used in practice and in competition. He/she is responsible for ensuring members are educated in the following areas:

  • Overview of sport
  • Rules of the game
  • Inherent risk of participating
  • Practicing Correctly and Incorrectly
  • Difference in Practice and a game
  • Emergency Procedures

Note: Coaches do not receive special permission to park on campus and must follow University Policies.

Leadership Opportunities

The policies and procedures defined in this handbook are set in place to ensure that all Club Sports are treated fairly. It has been designed to complement with UNF's student Handbook and club leaders and officials should become familiar with the understanding of both. The strength and success of the Club Sport is dependent on the dedicated efforts and initiatives of its leaders, and the aspirations of its members. This provides each club and its leaders with a unique opportunity to develop and carry out both athletic and leadership abilities. Leaders are directly involved in all facets of their organization's administration. Club officials will be required to devote their time and effort toward the development of the organization and its continuation.

Club Officials Responsibility

Responsibilities of the club's officials include but are not limited to:

  • Serving as a liaison between Club Alliance & the Club
  • Communicate with the Club Sports Coordinator in Recreation and Wellness
  • Carry out practices/meetings
  • Provide ongoing daily management
  • Ensure timely completion of all administrative tasks/forms
  • Knowledge of policies/procedures of Recreation and Wellness Club Sports Program
  • Club spokesperson
  • Facilitating transition of club leadership to new officials

Benefits of Starting a Club

  • Ability to reserve certain University spaces at no cost or discounted rates
  • Listed in club directory
  • Access to club commons area during Student Union hours
  • Space to hold meetings
  • Access to materials to make road signs and use frames
  • Use of University printing and duplication services
  • Eligible for participation in Homecoming events
  • Eligible to be included in Student Update notices
  • Eligible for Web Calendar of Events
  • Inclusion in Club Alliance events like Club Fest, Spring Bash, President's Luncheon, and President's Gala
  • Eligible for club pricing for advertisements in the Spinnaker
  • A club mailbox in Club Commons

Starting a Club

Any currently enrolled UNF student may submit a request to start a new club sport as long as its goals and objectives do not duplicate another existing club. The only exception is if there is a difference in gender between the two (i.e. Women's Soccer vs. Men's Soccer). It should be known that a few things should be considered before starting a new club

  • Will you be a recreational or competitive sport?
  • What facilities exist to meet your playing needs?
  • What safety issues might exist?
  • Does a collegiate league or other league exist?
  • Is there a critical mass of students interested in participating?

Before a group can be officially recognized by the University as an official Sports Club, and subsequently receive funding for the club, the following steps must be followed:

  • Visit the Club Alliance website and follow the directions for becoming a club (a minimum of 10 students plus a faculty advisor will be necessary).
  • Submit the necessary documentation to Club Alliance via their website
  • Write a constitution adhering to the policies under club alliance
  • Once final recognition is granted, your club will be able to access university facilities for use. (Use of courts in the arena, fields, storage space, and classrooms for meetings, etc.)
  • Contact the Club Sports Coordinator about your club
  • Attend club alliance meetings and abide by the attendance/ absence policy. More than 2 absences places your club on suspension, visit club alliance website for required meeting dates.

The success and strength of the sport club program is based upon the initiative of student leaders and the total involvement of club members. Each sports club offers students opportunities to become directly involved with the administration and supervision of their club. Members collectively have the responsibility of writing their constitution, by-laws, setting up organizational meetings, informing new members of the club's programs, establishing club dues, raising funds to support the club's activities, and planning and promoting the club events.

Club Registration Renewal

Registration for Clubs expires July 1st. Clubs must re-register to remain recognized by Club Alliance and the University. In addition to any previously mentioned regulation, eligibility for official University recognition as a Registered Student Organization and continuance of the same is dependent on:

  • The RSO name must relate in a positive manner to the objectives of UNF
  • The members accept the standard policies of UNF and relate in a positive manner to the educational objectives of UNF; and
  • The RSO conforms to the laws and regulations on a local, state, and national level. RSOs must comply with the United States Constitution, policies of the UNF Board of Trustees, the Rules and Regulations of the University of North Florida, the Club Alliance Handbook, and the policies and procedures set forth by Student Government. Any violation of these policies will be the responsibility of the organization's members, officers, and advisor.