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UNF Club Sports Handbook Publicity


Publicity is necessary for all Club Sports Teams to attract new members and inform others of team activities. Reasons to publicize are the following:


  • To build membership
  • To raise money
  • To publicize events (practices, meetings, competitions)
  • To raise visibility of the team on campus


There are multiple ways to publicize for your club and proper planning of a publicity campaign should take place to receive maximum benefits. Publicity needs to be clear concise and have creativity to it. Allow the proper time to design the publicity and time for your campaign to be absorbed by your target audience. Remember to provide publicity in multiple forms and adhere to proper university policies. If your club needs any assistance in designing or executing your plan contact the club sport coordinator for guidance.

The following methods can be used to publicize your club but are not limited to:


  • Create a website and/or social media account
  • Booths at on-campus functions i.e. club fest
  • Radio/newspaper
  • T-shirts
  • Banners, Road Signs, Flyers, Posters (please adhere to Club Alliance policies for approval)
  • Word of mouth is most important so set a good example