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UNF Club Sports Handbook Facility Use/Scheduling


All requests for use of University Space or equipment must be presented to the Coordinator of Club Sports. He will make the request on behalf of the club to the appropriate facility supervisor. Only recognized student clubs can be granted use of university facilities and equipment. At the start of each semester each club will submit a written request for field/facility use. Keep in mind that there are many clubs requesting space on campus and that there is no guarantee on space requested. It is a first come, first served policy. Please do not advertise an event or practice until you have confirmation of the facility/field use.


At the start of each semester, Clubs are required to submit their competition schedule with dates and times in writing as soon as they are official. Any change or cancellation should be reported to the club sport coordinator immediately by both phone and email. On weekends contact the front desk of the student wellness center. It is very vital that this process take place as soon as possible to allow for proper scheduling of events and preparation of the field/facility being used.

Once schedules are set, any new events must be submitted at the minimum of two weeks before the event. A request does not guarantee use of the facility/field, only a written confirmation from the sports club coordinator guarantees use.

Clubs are responsible to adhere to University policies and must follow appropriate use requirements for the facility reserved. Failure to adhere to the follow policies or inappropriate use of the field/facility will result in possible compensation from the club, loss of privileges, and/or loss of recognition from the club sport program.

Spectators are welcomed at club-related events and must adhere to policies and stay within the event area. Any children under the age of 16 must have proper adult supervision.

Visiting Clubs are required to follow UNF policies and must adhere to parking regulations.

Alcohol and Tobacco are not permitted at any event, game, or practice.


Proper cleanup and maintenance must take place each time a club uses a facility or field.