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RecWell Employee Training

Annual Online Review of Safety & Key Policies

RecWell values well-trained employees.  Annual Safety & Key Policies are available here for review.  The review concludes with a link to verify your training through a brief questionnaire.


Annual Staff Training  RecWell Employee Manual 


First Aid/CPR/AED Training

RecWell staff are required to be currently certified in CPR/AED and First-Aid. Each semester, CPR/AED, First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogen Training is made available to current staff members of the Recreation and Wellness Department. Staff in need of certification or re-certification will be contacted by email with the training date options. Classes are typically offered on this schedule:


  • Spring - between Feb/March
  • Summer - between May/June
  • Fall - between Sept/Oct

These classes are offered free of charge and your participation is paid time. To register for a class, see your supervisor.  Certification classes are generally scheduled within the first 8 weeks of each semester.  Heather Kite coordinates these training sessions each semester.  She will email sign up information to you.


Your certification will emailed to you in a digital format, direct from the Red Cross.  This usually takes place within a week of completing your training, once course paperwork has been submitted.  Certificates will also be saved to a network drive for each area supervisor to access.


QUESTIONS?  Any questions about RecWell CPR/AED and First Aid certification training can be addressed to Heather Kite,