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Recreation and Wellness Positions

Hiring typically takes place at the end of each semester. For more information or to express your interest in a position, contact the supervisor listed by email. Once extended an offer for employment, all candidates will be directed to complete a formal application at UNF's employment site.

Eco Adventure

Osprey Challenge Course Facilitator

Osprey Challenge Course Facilitators are responsible for taking students and outside programs through the ropes course in a fun and safe manner. Required skills include: technical knowledge of equipment and climbing procedures alongside with interpersonal communication skills to help lead a group through obstacles while communicating efficiently.


For information on applying for Eco positions above, please contact Trevor Lynch at 

Gear Checkout

Gear Checkout staff members are responsible for the maintenance, inventory, and checking in/out of gear at Eco Adventure. Additional duties include assisting students with trip planning and giving them the basic knowledge to use equipment.

Environmental Education Ranger

Environmental Education Rangers assist with youth and adult education programs, Eco Adventure gear tasks, office duties, and park maintenance.


For information on applying for Gear Checkout and Environmental Education positions above, please contact Amy Costa 

Field House

Intramural Scorekeeper

Intramural Scorekeepers are responsible for maintaining and updating the scores and statistics for Intramural Sports events.

Intramural Official

Intramural Officials are responsible for conducting and maintaining a safe playing environment during intramural contests through the enforcement of rules for each of the different officiated sports we offer. Officials must be able to work in high pressure and stressful situations, and be able to do a fair amount of running, depending on the sport. Please note: officials are hired on a sport by sport basis.

Intramural Supervisor

Intramural Supervisor are responsible for overseeing and managing intramural game/contest/event operations on a nightly basis. Supervisors are responsible for the evaluation of the officials, settling disputes concerning rules, providing conflict resolution for participant conduct issues, set up/tear down of the fields/courts each evening, performing first aid for injuries, monitoring equipment, performing participant counts and recording payroll information for officials and scorekeepers. Please note: you must have prior experience working in UNF Intramurals as an official/scorekeeper to be eligible for hire. Must have strong leadership and conflict resolution skills, as this is a high pressure and stressful position.


For information on applying for Intramural positions listed above, please contact Beth Harrell at

Field House Staff

Field House staff members work from the main reception desk at the Field House. They are responsible for the smooth and efficient operation of the facility, supervision of activity in programmed and non-programmed spaces, oversee and monitor equipment checkout, maintain the safety and integrity of the Field House, respond to injuries and incidents, and provide excellent customer service to all participants and facility users. Additionally, Field House staff are responsible for set up and tear down of equipment for events.

Special Events

Special Events staff are responsible for assisting professional staff with event management in the recreational facilities which may include the Field House, UNF Arena, outdoor fields, and other spaces as designated. Duties may include ticket taking, crowd control, event set-up and take-down, and cleaning of facility. Students will be asked to wear closed toe shoes and appropriate work attire depending on the nature of the event. Event work is seasonal and occur when events are scheduled.


For information on applying for Field House or Special Events positions, please contact Mike Weglicki at

Health Education

Peer Health Educator

Peer Health Educators are students who have made the decision to commit to a job in addition to their academic studies. The essential function of the Peer Health Educator is to assist and educate people towards a healthier lifestyle. All Peer Health Educators are required to complete an initial training period of health and related wellness topics. In addition to an ongoing learning process in the field of health and wellness, Peer Health Educators are required to research and update, as needed, health and wellness issues pertinent to the program of Health Promotion in the department of Recreation and Wellness. A key responsibility of this job is OUTREACH. This involves setting up "education" stations across campus and engaging the campus community in health education/awareness activities. Peer Health Educators are also responsible for staffing the Paul Shirley Assessment Center and performing the duties within. These duties are primarily concerned with executing safe, professional and efficient physical fitness assessments.


For information on applying for this position, please contact Michael Hines

Ogier Gardens

Student Farmers

Student Farmers take the lead on all of the Ogier Gardens' physical tasks, including but not limited to: preparing beds, planting, cultivating, weeding, harvesting, mulching, scouting for pests, and updating records. In addition to those physical tasks, the position requires you to: introduce yourself as staff to each person who enters the Gardens, guide volunteers, as well as promote student health through gardening. Actual work schedule is flexible within the Ogier Gardens open hours. Occasionally work may be required on weekends. Requirements: willingness to adapt and learn; be self-motivated and hard working.

Landscape Stewards

Landscape Stewards are responsible for leading other staff and volunteers in beautifying the Ogier Gardens' biodiverse landscape and caring for our infrastructure, tools and equipment. Duties also include helping to: prepare beds, plant, cultivate, weed, harvest, mulch, scout for pests, and update records. Actual work schedule is flexible within the Ogier Gardens open hours. Occasionally work may be required on weekends. Requirements: willingness to adapt and learn; be self-motivated and hard working.


For information on applying for Ogier Gardens positions, please contact Kevin Anderson

Student Wellness Complex

Member Services Staff - "First Faces of the SWC"

Member Services Staff greet and check-in members, answer the phones, operate point of sale, and give tours of the facility.


For information on applying for this position, please contact Daniel Nutt at

Recreation Office Assistant

Recreation Office Assistants oversee the operation of the department's office front desk which includes, but not limited to: answering phones, greeting and assisting visitors, assisting office staff with tasks as needed.


For information on applying for this position, please contact Jessica Miller at

Building Operator Staff

Building Operators have a broad range of duties and responsibilities. They maintain a safe, orderly, and clean environment for the facility, while keeping track of all events and programs that are held in the SWC. "Bops" enforce facility rules, aid in emergency situations, set-up and break-down for events, and also give facility tours.


For information on applying for this position, please contact Jim Baur at

Climbing Wall Staff

Climbing Wall Staff oversee the activities of climbers at the wall, ensuring they follow all wall policies and procedures, assist in the maintenance/cleaning of the wall, and spotting and belaying climbers. Staff members are able to assist climbers with technique and are responsible for setting top rope and bouldering routes.


For information on applying for this position, please contact Daniel Nutt at

Fitness Trainers

Fitness Trainers ensure that all members can exercise in a safe and clean environment. Fitness Trainers also help and teach our members how to exercise safely and efficiently. All new student hires start as Fitness Fledglings who greet people, answer questions, spot lifters, enforce facility rules, and clean equipment. Upon completion of our training program, Fitness Fledglings are promoted to Fitness Trainers. Fitness Trainers perform all duties of Fledglings plus are capable of designing workout programs and teaching/training our members. Upon passing a recognized Personal Training certification, Fitness Trainers can be promoted to Personal Trainer. Personal Trainers perform all duties of a Fitness Trainer, plus have the opportunity to train clients.

Group Fitness Instructors

Group Fitness Instructors lead group exercise classes in a safe, effective, challenging, and engaging manner. All instructors are responsible for designing fun and exciting classes that are enjoyable for everyone and modified to all fitness levels. Our instructors are responsible for executing proper fitness techniques that enable all members to participate safely. If a national certification is not already obtained, it is required in the first semester of employment.


For information on applying for fitness trainer or group fitness instructor positions above, please contact Kacie Smith at

Seasonal Positions

Lifeguard for Summer Camp

Summer Camp Lifeguards are responsible for lifeguarding and providing a safe aquatic environment for the Department of Recreation and Wellness two summer camp programs: Youth Sports and Fitness Camp and Eco Camp. This position is seasonal. Applications are accepted in March, job offers are typically made in April, and lifeguard training schedule for May. Actual lifeguard schedule is approximately 8 - 10 weeks long (between June and early August) based on the camp schedule. Lifeguard hours to fill are approximately between 9:30 am - 4:15 pm Mon - Fri (no nights or weekends). Hiring preference is given to currently certified lifeguards. Non-certified persons may apply and may be hired contingent on completing the Red Cross Lifeguarding Certification course. Summer staff must be available to work between May - early August.


For information on applying for this position, please contact Heather Kite at

Counselor for Summer Camp

Youth Sports & Fitness Camp Counselors are responsible for leading groups of campers ages 5 - 14 around the UNF campus within the Recreation and Wellness facilities engaging in various sports and activities which include climbing wall, yoga and fun fitness, swimming, basketball, flag football, softball, kickball, dodge ball, soccer, among others. This position requires a background check for working with minors. Eco Camp Counselors are responsible for leading groups of campers ages 6 - 14 around the Wildlife Sanctuary trails system, introducing them to local flora and fauna, playing games, swimming, canoeing and going on field trips. This position requires a background check for working with minors.


For information on applying for this position, please contact Daryel Gullett (Youth Sports and Fitness Camp) at or for Amy Costa  (Eco Camp)