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New Hire Information

Welcome to the Team! To complete your hiring and orientation process, follow these steps below:


Step 1. All new hires must complete an online application. 

  • The link will be emailed to you to complete your online application.
Step 2. Go to Human Resources (Bldg. 1/ Rm 1101)
  • Bring with you:
    • 2 forms of ID: birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, or social security card. Note: copies of any of these documents will not be accepted.  Only original, unexpired documents are accepted.
    • A void check or a statement/letter/printout that contains the following:
      • The employee's name
      • The bank's name
      • Bank account number (in full)
      • Routing number
  • You will fill out a few forms at HR and they will give you a yellow sheet of paper saying you completed everything.

Note: If you are not a student, you will be required to complete a background check (includes fingerprinting). Your background check must be completed to finish processing as a new hire and before you can begin to work.  HR will email the Department once the check has been complete.

Step 3. Bring the yellow slip from HR to the Recreation and Wellness Office (Bldg. 61/ Rm 1200)
  • This office is located in the Student Wellness Complex, down the hall from Jamba Juice
  • One of the Office Assistants will assist you with the rest.
Note:  You may not begin working until the yellow slip has been turned in to the Recreation and Wellness Office.


Step 4. Email your supervisor and let them know that you have completed your online application and have turned in your yellow slip.