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The mission of the Department of Recreation and Wellness is to create an environment for the UNF community that inspires healthy lifestyle choices through valuable programs and services while supporting academic success.


  • Balance
  • Community
  • Growth and Empower
  • Transformational Experience
  • Quality
          FCWWC Award  

Administration Staff

Ashley Ballard, Senior Director of Recreation and Wellness


Heather Kite, Director of Operations


Brittany Molina, Budget Coordinator


Jessica Miller, Office Manager

Student Wellness Complex Staff

Jim Baur, Associate Director Student Wellness Complex


Kacie Smith, Fitness and Group Fitness Coordinator


Tim Flanagan, Fitness Equipment Technician


Daniel Nutt, Member Services and Osprey Cliff Manager


Swimming Pool Staff

Caleb Crowder, Pool Manager 

Field House Staff

Mike Weglicki, Assistant Director Field House

Competitive Sports Staff

Jordan Leslie, Assistant Director Competitive Sports and Camps


Ray Bunch, Club Sports Coordinator


Eco Adventure Staff

Amy Costa, Assistant Director Eco Adventure


Trevor Lynch, Coordinator Osprey Challenge Course

Ogier Gardens Staff

Kevin Anderson, Gardens Coordinator

Wellness Staff

Michael Hines, Coordinator for Health Education


Chelsea Chandler, Wellness Dietitian


Samantha Cartina, Wellness Dietitian