Group Fitness


The Student Wellness Complex offers a wide variety of Group Fitness classes to meet different fitness levels and different interests. A variety of classes are offered in the three dedicated group fitness rooms including: Yoga, Spin, Bootcamp, Zumba, Sweat Shop Circuit, Crossprey Fit, Playground 10-20-30, and more. All classes are 55 minutes, unless specified on the schedule. If you enjoy the group atmosphere, there is a class waiting for you!




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Ab Attack 

Come and feel the burn! This 30-minute class will give you a complete Core (abdominal and low back) workout. Bring your keg, leave with a six pack!

Ballet Fusion Want long and lean legs like a ballerina? By blending pilates, yoga, and common ballet exercises this class will tone your legs, glutes, and core to the extreme. No leotard or previous ballet experience required.
Body Sculpt An intense set of exercises designed to strengthen the cardiovascular and muscular systems of the body with a series of exercises to include: plyometrics, strength drills, speed drills, agility drills, kickboxing, and athletic movements.
Bootcamp It's the classic, all-inclusive fitness class. Challenge yourself with this muscle burning, total fitness, strength, cardio, and toning workout.
Buns & Guns This class is all about symmetry. You will utilize plyometrics, body weight calisthenics, and resistance and strength training to sculpt and tone your glutes, hamstrings, arms, and chest. Each week we will vary the routine to keep your body guessing in out circuit style class. Bring your towel and be ready to sweat in our timed intervals. All skill levels welcome!
Cardio Combo High energy combination of high and low dance aerobics with endurance training using light dumbbells. Always....core work at the end!!
Crossprey Fit (2nd floor) High-intensity class that pushes you to excel. Workouts may include timed rounds, high repetitions, and everything in-between. Crossprey Fit is limited to the first 15 people and will not allow late arrivals. 
Dance Evolution Come experience the dance evolution! This class incorporates movements from many different dance styles including: West African, Bollywood, Salsa, Isolation, Hip Hop, 80's, and many more. You won't be bored in this class. No dance experience required. 
Hip Hop Fun dance fitness class that includes warm up, stretching, and choreography to a variety of music genres. This class will give you a full body workout, build stamina, and get your heart pumping.
Kickboxing Intense combination of cardio, boxing, martial arts, and athletic intervals providing a vigorous workout which aims to increase strength, stamina, speed, flexibility, coordination, balance, and self-confidence. Designed to torch calories and guaranteed to make you sweat. You will jab, punch, and kick while improving your speed and power. 
Mixed Level Yoga This class is designed for a variety of levels from beginners to more advanced students to work side by side practicing solid fundamentals and classic yoga. Modifications will be introduced for complex poses so that beginners can work comfortably at their own level.


This class is designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness.


(2nd floor) Come play on the new Synergy 360. Timed circuits of functional training will test your endurance and strength with this fundamentally challenging class. Do it for 10, 20, or 30 minutes. Your choice, your challenge. This class is located on the fitness floor on the big red ‘Playground.’ This class is limited to the first 15 people and will not allow late arrivals.

Playground Washboard Abs (2nd floor) Enjoy the playground class, but want to focus on getting those washboard abs? This 30 minute timed circuit will focus on all areas of the core with some added cardio to enhance the abdominal muscles. This class is limited to the first 15 people and will not allow late arrivals.
Power Flow Yoga An energizing, cardiovascular workout that focuses on strength, stamina, balance, and core. The heat we will build in this class will allow for better flexibility. Prepare to work hard and work up a sweat. Due to everyone's different strengths and weaknesses, modifications for postures are always offered. All levels welcome!
Power Circuits

This intensive strength training class incorporates barbells or dumbbells for a workout that will build muscle and burn fat. The barbells allow you to adjust the weight for each muscle group you train. Change the way your body looks and fast!


 Come and experience the ride everyone is talking about! Take a ride on a stationary bike and go through road races, hill climbs, and sprints. Please bring lots of water and a towel.
Spin Express This 30-minute all-level class includes warm-up, cardio, cool-down and stretching. Spin Express is designed to be an effective workout for beginners or those who are on the go.
Step & Sculpt A full body workout combining both cardio and strength. This medium to high intensity workout includes basic step aerobics choreography using the aerobics step followed by exercises designed to strength every muscle in your body.
Strength Cardio & Core The perfect blend of muscle conditioning, cardiovascular work, and ab exercises to ensure a complete total body workout.
Sunrise/Sunset Yoga (2nd floor) Take your yoga practice to the outdoor patio for a relaxing, calming yoga experience.

Sweat Shop Circuit  

This high intensity circuit class utilizes kettle bells, dumbbells, medicine balls, body weight calisthenics, and many other exercises to keep the workouts interesting and different. All levels welcome, and all levels will be challenged. Get back to the basics!

Team Conditioning Miss being in a team atmosphere? This class focuses on different sport movements each week combined with strength and cardio exercises to improve all fitness levels. No sport experience required. 


Muscles feeling tight? Are you feeling stressed? This is a peaceful yoga class that incorporates breathing techniques to free your mind and center your body. Great for beginners! Mats will be provided.


High energy dance fitness featuring Latin and international rhythms including: salsa, merengue, hip hop, and much more. No dance experience necessary, just the desire to have tons of fun at an effective, exhilarating, calorie-burning fitness party.



Classes free to UNF students, full-time faculty, staff and Student Wellness Complex (SWC) members. Guest passes may be purchased at the Member Services desk at the SWC.  A valid Osprey 1 Card must be scanned at the SWC front desk in order to participate.


  1. Bring your Osprey 1 Card
  2. Wear gym shoes with adequate support.
  3. Bring a towel.
  4. Drink plenty of water.
  5. Have fun!

NOTE: If you have a known medical problem or if you are over the age of 35, it is recommended that you consult a physician before beginning an exercise program.

About the Instructors

The instructors go through a complete in-house training program that follows the guidelines set by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). All instructors are certified by the American Red Cross in CPR and First Aid. Most are AFAA certified and some have specialty certifications.