UNF Intramural Sports Handbook Structure

Scheduling Format

Team League Sports

The Intramural Office will utilize an instant scheduling format which allows teams to select their regular season play days and times during the registration period. League sports will include a 4 to 6 regular season (pending time and facility constraints) followed by a single elimination postseason tournament for all teams that qualify. Since captains select their regular season time slots, the Intramural Office WILL NOT accept requests to reschedule regular season contests.

Team Tournament Sports

The Intramural Office will schedule various team sports based on the number of entries, availability of facilities, and time allotted for the activity. Teams will be placed in a single elimination or double elimination bracket and each contest’s day and time will be set by the Intramural Office.

Contests/Competitions/Special Events

These activities are traditionally one-day events scattered throughout the school year. Such activities include 3 point contest, free throw contest, cornhole, bocce ball, and homerun derby. Registration for these events is usually completed on-site the day of play. No rescheduling will be allowed for these activities.

Rescheduling Policy

Team League Sports

Since captains select their regular season time slots, the Intramural Office WILL NOT accept requests to reschedule regular season contests. Playoff games will be scheduled based on the number of teams, time slots available, and field/court space available.


A forfeit results in any contest not being played without prior arrangements being made with the Intramural Sports Office. Intramural Sports is obligated to pay contest officials and supervisors and uphold facility reservations regardless of the fact that teams do not show up to play. If a team forfeits once they are ineligible for playoffs, but still allowed to play in the league. Any team that forfeits two (2) regular season games will be dropped from the league regardless of their regular season record. Remember, forfeits are detrimental to the success of the program.


If your team cannot attend a game, call the Intramural Sports Office by 2:00 p.m. on the day of your game, Friday for a weekend game, and your team will receive a loss instead of being charged with a forfeit.  


Postponements may be required due to weather or field conditions. Teams will be contacted when games have been postponed or canceled. If games are rescheduled, they might not take place on the same day that a team typically plays on during the regular season.   


Please do not play or practice on the fields if they are wet or muddy!! 

Tournament Qualifications

Teams will make the playoffs depending on their regular season record. A team will qualify for the playoffs by not forfeiting any scheduled games during the regular season and having an acceptable sportsmanship rating. Teams that forfeit a regular season game will be declared ineligible for the playoffs.


Playoffs will be held in all divisions of play. Intramural Sports reserves the right to change tournament qualifications with little or no advance notice.