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Osprey Heroes

Jennifer Jackson

Coggin College of Business • Academic Advising

Dr. Jennifer Jackson is one of the many friendly faces you will see in the Coggin College of Business. As the director of academic advising for the college, Jackson has to opportunity to interact and impact students’ lives daily, but there was one topic that moved her to help students even more – homelessness.

After listening to a presentation by Thomas Van Schoor, the assistant dean of students and student ombuds, where he mentioned homelessness among UNF students. Jackson was motivated to do something to help.

At first, she was just going to donate on her own, but decided a college-wide effort would have a greater impact. Jackson mentioned her idea to the Dean Mark Dawkins who then reached out to the faculty and staff members of the college. The response was generous. “I was very overwhelmed, but in a good way, of the support I received,” Jackson said.

From monetary gifts to gift baskets, members of Coggin donated over 400 items and $580 dollars. Assistant Professor Dr. Courtney Azzari even sent out a communication memo to her community on Facebook and got bins full of donations.

Jackson is grateful for all of the support she received from the Coggin community. “I’m sincerely grateful to everyone who supported the cause because they didn’t have to contribute, but they found it in their hearts to do so.” Jackson said.


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Being an Osprey Hero means having the desire to help those in need, then putting that desire into action. An Osprey Hero is a selfless person who has the courage to make a difference in the lives of students and colleagues.